Edusquare Development Project

Eduquare Image by Konrad March.

Edusquare has been created to provide a meeting point and resource space for Educators who are working in Second Life. It is surrounded by our resident’s spaces and provides several resources including the Educational Landmarks Wall, which provides landmarks to a wide range of educational projects in Second Life.
Visitors and residents are welcome to use this space for informal meetups and social events. jokaydia Residents are also welcome to share information about their projects in EduSquare. Please contact jokay Wollongong for further info. Click here to visit (SLurl).

As part of our continuous development and improvement process on the Islands of jokaydia, we are embarking on a project to redevelop and improve EduSquare, and are inviting our community members to participate.

Further information will be posted here and on the jokaydia Blog. However, we welcome comments and feedback. Please feel free to edit the section below and add your suggestions!

Scorbal here,

I fondly recall my first visit to Jokaydia two months ago (seems like a lifetime). Among the many intriguing discoveries was the wall of panels with pictures, descriptions and links to various educational SL projects beyond Jokaydia. I hope these "billboards" remain in some form. To me they are visually attractive and serve to give a quick glimpse of a sliver of the scope of possibilities here.

There is, however, something else I'd like to see. Forgive me if this is already on offer somewhere and I've only failed to notice it. I think it would be nice to have some sort of interactive kiosk that features profiles and projects of the Jokaydians- residents and community members alike. It wasn't until I was cruising in the Hot Air Balloon with Konrad, Jokay and some other newbies on the recent Newbie Weekend event that I realized that real people populate the islands and are doing some really cool stuff. Again, it may well be that I just didn't look hard enough for what already is on offer (say the Jokaydia Blog residents page, for example).

But I'm pretty sure I'm not the only lonely newbie who has found itself upon the comfortable confines of these Isles of Jokaydia looking for a clue. Why not have some big, interactive, media rich clue somewhere in the EduSquare that lets the Newbies know who we are, what were about, and that there's room for them if they are interested.

By now, you might be asking, "What are you getting at Scorbal?"

Fair enough, forgive me for flooding this Wiki with dense and opaque prose. I will further develop the idea I'm getting at on my blog and podcast. But for now, in a nutshell, the kiosk I envision would have profile images of participating Jokaydians and a brief audio introduction (video too, I suppose) that could be accessed interactively by the visitor to EduSquare.

I've recently encountered a JukeBox inworld that allows for an audio stream to be chosen from a menu of selections. I imagine the code that drives the beast could be reworked to access an MP3 file that exists on a server somewhere.

"But what will this thing look like Scorbal?" a well intentioned soul might ask.

Having seen the recent outcroppings at NARCO, one would be wise not to solicit my ideas on how things should look. What I have in my wacky little mind is something like a 2 meter tall Rolodex file in a pastel hue.

But I'm afraid this entry is far too long, so I'll close for now. As mentioned above, I'll devote some energy to blogging and podcasting my thoughts on this in the coming days for those who might be interested. Feedback, obviously is welcome.

Thank you,

Feldspar Epstein


I'd love to see more interactive gizmos. Not just because I am fascinated personally with doodads, but because a) people like to have a button to press or something else they can _do_ and b) because reams of information can be tucked handily away in gadgets in accessible ways.

I also like Scorbal's idea. People who are social like to connect with other people, and this would be a great way for people to do so even when there are no other actual people present.