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This page has been established to support the jokaydia Edusquare Landmarks - one of the key resoources at Edusquare on the Islands of jokaydia!

Edusquare includes a useful collection of landmarks and a notecard which provides new residents and visitors with an easy way of locating and connecting to the broader educational community inworld. There are currently 32 landmarks included in the collection, and we see this as an ongoing resource which will be updated on an ongoing basis.

A short description of each space is available via notecard inworld and is also included below. For a more extensive collectiof of Educational Projects in Second Life see the SLeducation Wiki's Educational Uses of Second Life resource.

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We have designed Edusquare to support sharing and collaboration and welcome all suggestions and feedback. Please edit the sections below and add your favourite SLurls, projects and feedback!

We also welcome other educational groups who wish to use EduSquare for tours and meetings. Please contact jokay Wollongong if you need further info!

Educational Tour Landmarks

The following Second Life Education spaces are currently included at Edusquare:
  1. Centre for Water Studies (SLurl)
    The Centre for Water Studies at Better World Island was created in 2007 and is an educational and recreational build designed to increase the understanting and protection of water habitats. It was designed by Delia Lake aka and the All About Water Group, and includes six distinct water areas that simulate real-life habitats. Each space includes information notecards and plants and objects to explore and investigate.
  2. DDM Collective in Second Life (SLurl)
    Based at the Leeds College of Art and Design and coordinated by Second Life resident and educator Annabeth Robinson aka Angrybeth Shortbread, the DDM Collective in Second Life are the students of the Design for Digital Media Degree. As part of their course, students are engaging in investigations, explorations and exploitations within Second Life. Additionally, the DDM Collective are undertaking an ongoing staff research project into the pedagogical value of Second life.
  3. Discovery Education Network in SL (SLurl)
    The Discovery Network is "a global community of educators who are excited by the power of digital media and want to collaborate and share resources with other educators.“ Since launching the DEN Headquarters, their Second Life presence in June 2008, they have developed an extensive educators' community in Second Life, which is located on EduIslands II and merges together education, Discovery TV programming, and SL activities.
  4. English Village (SLurl)
    Founded by Fire Centaur, an ESL teacher in real life, is an immersive 3D simulation for language learners and teachers across the globe, English Village a place where language teachers can come together to create community and collaborate as they explore the possibilities of teaching languages in Second Life. By providing classrooms and teaching tools the English Village provides an easy entry to the world of teaching in Second Life for language teachers.
  5. Etopia EcoVillage (SLurl)
    Etopia Eco-village on Etopia Island and Etopia Prime is a 'sustainable sim development concept created by WilliamThewise Goodman and Prim Chemistry in Second Life. The aim of the project is to create an educational environmental eco-village with real life examples of sustainable development, renewable energy, organic living & authentic community.
  6. Foul Whisperings, Strange Matters - Macbeth in SL (SLurl)
    Foul Whisperings, Strange Matters brings Shakespeare's Macbeth into the virtual world. The island is divided into four key spaces: the arrival grove, Macbeth's head, the "what if?" copse and the teaching studios and has a feeling of being a windswept heathland. Throughout the island, vistors are invited to engage with the participatory potential of Second Life to remake, co-create and mashup Shakespeare.
  7. Genome Island (SLurl)
    Genome Island is focussed on using Second Life to teach genetics. Using the building and scripting tools in Second Life, she has created laboratories where students can take part in virtual experiments that produce analyzable data. The Island is also designed as a place where students and other residents can meet and talk with professional geneticists.
  8. Global Kids on the Main Grid (SLurl)
    The Global Kids project is foccused on raising young people's awareness on a range of issues including human rights, the rights of the child, the environment and respecting difference. The project uses a number of techniques to engage participants, including activities within Teen Second Life including leadership programs, major events which allow teens to communicate and interact with world leaders and experts in a range of fields, and creative projects exploring a range of global issues. Although adults are unable to visit the Teen Grid, you can find out more about Global Kids at their Info Space on the Main Grid - a space seeks to promote and share the work of the Global Kids team, and also hosts a range of discussions and presentations on related topics for educators.
  9. HealthInfo Island (SLurl)
    HealthInfo Island was created by the Greater Midwest Region of the National Network/National Library of Medicine (GMR NN/NLM), through a partnership with Alliance Library Systems and provides librarians from around the world with a space to explore the provision of consumer health information services in virtual worlds environments. The project objective is to provide Second Life Residents with consumer health information.
  10. The Imaging Place (SLurl)
    Created by John Craig Freeman
    (a.k.a. JC Fremont in Second Life), a university professor from Emerson College in Massachusetts in 2006. The Imaging Place project was an extension of Freeman's real life artwork, which originally created as a user-navigated, interactive computer program that combines panoramic photography, digital video, and three-dimensional technologies in the form of installations at art museums, galleries, and other museums. The Imaging Place in Second Life is an attempt to translate that work into a virtual world and is located at various sims throughout Second Life, on land donated by the owners. To experience the work, visitors walk on transparent pathways or bridges to access platforms hovering above. The platforms include satellite photographs of the place which the work is translating into virtual realy and is accompanied by an audio track with voices of people telling stories about the place being presented.
  11. InfoIsland - Librarians in Second Life (SLurl)
    The Alliance Virtual Library Project (formerly known as the Second Life Library 2.0 project) is supported by Alliance Library System and Online Programming for All Libraries (OPAL) and currently co-ordinates the InfoIslands Archipeligo, a community of libraries, museums and education in Second Life. The project aims to extend the traditional programs currently offered online to librarians and library users into 3D virtual worlds, and supports a range of programs and Institutions in exploring these concepts in virtual worlds.
  12. International Schools Island (ISI) (SLurl)
    Created by Shamblesguru Voom and Takeme Homewood, International Schools Island is designed to support the International Schools Community, with a focus on South East Asia. The Islands are designed to provide a range of resources and professional development opportunities for the International schools educator, including the International Schools (k-12) Group inworld, which supports a community of International Schools educators in exploring virtual worlds and a rental community for educators who are exploring virtual worlds.
  13. International Spaceflight Museum (ISM) - Spaceport Alpha and Spaceport Beta (SLurl)
    A virtual museum which hosts exhibits and events about real-world spacecraft, rockets, and space travel. The museum is located on the islands Spaceport Alpha and Spaceport Bravo. ISM is managed by the Spaceflight Museum Planning Group, a group of Second Life residents from around the world who share an interest in spaceflight and volunteer to provide this awesome educational space.
  14. Virtual Ability Island (SLurl)
    Created by Virtual Ability Inc, Virtual Ability Island was designed to support people with disabilities and chronic illnesses. The island provides a customized new resident orientation space, which is targeted at people with real-life disabilities, as well as hosting a community of support for people with disabilities or chronic illnesses, their family and caregivers.
  15. ISTE Islands - ISTE in Second Life
    The International Society for Technology in Education (ISTE) is the a nonprofit membership organization, ISTE provides leadership and service to improve teaching, learning, and school leadership by advancing the effective use of technology. In 2007 they opened ISTE Islands in Second Life as a space for the organisation and it's members to explore virtual worlds.
  16. Ivory Tower of Prims (SLurl)
    The Ivory Tower provides in-world, self-guided, self-paced, visual tutorials of the Second Life building tools. Second Life residents are able to work through this detailed virtual tutorial at their own pace, developing the skills they need when they need them. It is a great spot to get a crash course in building or to brush up on building skills.
  17. Second Health London Hospital (SLurl)
    Created by the Department of Biosurgery and Surgical Technology at Imperial College London in 2007, the Second Health project started by creating a series of ‘machinima’ documentary films to describe what healthcare of the future could look like. This is an ongoing experimental, innovative and efficient means of communicating complex healthcare messages as well as illustrating what healthcare of the future could look like.
    As part of the experience, visitors can explore the Second Health virtual hospital, where they areable to take an in depth look into the entire Hospital and its facilities. The tour includes movies, presentations and information specific to each department.
  18. New Media Consortium (NMC) Campus (SLurl)
    The New Media Consortium (NMC) Campus is the largest educational prescence in Second Life and supports events, classes, demonstrations, art exhibitions and learning experiences. It was established in 2006 and continues to provide virtual spaces and experiences for educators and artists around the world. The goal of the project was to create an immersive 3-D virtual environment for higher education and museum professionals to interact, collaborate, and experiment.
  19. NOAA Islands (SLurl)
    The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration established a presence in Second Life in April 2006 to Meteora as part of their online education program. Since then they have established an extensive collection interactive educational demonstrations about the ocean and weather. In December 2007, NOAA added a Okeanos Island, which is particularly focussed on ocean science.
  20. Ohio University Second Life Campus Learning Kiosks (SLurl)
    The Learning Centre
    provides both a space for the kioks, and an informal space for meetings, displays and events and was one of the first structures on Ohio University's main campus island in Second Life. The original kiosk was developed in 2008 as part of a blend of learning resources for students in John Stinson's "Managing in the Innovation Age" course, but are also open to non-students who are interested in the subject matter. Since then several other kiosks have been developed including Ohio University Libraries Orientation and 'Ask the Techies' which provides useful IT tips and information.
  21. PolyU Resort Island - Hotel & Tourism Management Studies Student Orientation (SLurl)
    Created by the School of Hotel and Tourism Management and the School of Design at the Hong Kong Polytechnic University, Polyusotel at PolyU Resort Island is a student orientation program designed to assist first year students. It was used to orient 400 freshman students joining our hotel and tourism management programs in 2008.
  22. Scilands Virtual Continent (SLurl)
    Scilands Virtual Continent was founded in April 2007 by an international group of scientists and educators from universities, research laboratories, museums and scientific agencies and is dedicated to exploring science and technology in virtual worlds. It's members include the National Physical Laboratory (UK), NASA Ames Research Center, San Francisco's Exploratorium hands-on science and technology museum, Elon University, the University of Denver, NOAA, the Imperial College of London and the International Spaceflight Museum.
  23. Second Earth (SLurl)
    Second Earth
    is a 3d mashup of Google Earth and Second Life. It was built by National Oceanic & Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) in 2008 and is part of the Scilands continent. Second Earth is a fantastic example of how virtual worlds can be used to display informtion which is very hard to represent in the real world or in 2d environments.
  24. SLENZ Project (SLurl)
    The Second Life Education in New Zealand (SLENZ) project was launched in and is funded by the Tertiary Education Commission, NZ. It is based on the beautiful Koru Islands which are owned by Nelson Marlborough Institute of Technology (NMIT). The project seeks to to design, develop, build and pilot learning activities that could add educational value to the experience of NZ tertiary students.
  25. Sloodle project (SLurl)
    The Sloodle project
    is an open Source project, which aims to to bring together the features of web-based Learning Management Systems and virtual worlds environments such as Second Life. It was funded by the Eduserve Foundation (UK) in 2007 and is developing a set of free, full-perm objects in Second Life that transport content back and forth from Moodle. It can also help teachers and learners to record activities and achieve learning objectives in Second Life more effectively by including both virtual worlds activities and web-based content as part of the delivery strategy.
  26. Sploland - The Exploratorium in Second Life (SLurl)
    The Exploratorium - the museum of science, art and human perception
    in San Francisco created the very first museum in Second Life in April 2006. Since they they have developed interactive science museums at three locations Second Life. Each allows residents to explore art and science whilst having fun. You can visit 'The Splo' at their original location - Splo Museum at Midnight City and visit them at Exploratorium or Sploland Islands which are located within the Scilands continent.
  27. Terra Incognita (SLurl)
    Terra Incognita was created by Lindy McKeown aka Decka Mah in 2007 and was funded by the University of Southern Queensland, State Government of Queensland and Education Queensland. It was originally designed to support McKeown's PHD research in action learning, a strategy that involves a cycle of explore - plan - act - reflect. It has hosted a number of action learning programs and also supported a network of virtual worlds designers during the development phase of the project.
  28. Timeline of Earth (SLurl)
    The Timeline of Earth has been created by students in the ASTR 202 “Exploring Life in the Universe” non-major astronomy class at the University of Arizona over 2 semesters. During the course, students in the class create, research, build, and script exhibits for ’spotlight times’ during the Earth’s 4.6 billion year history. Visitors are invited to walk the timeline in a spiral pattern and click posters and models for information about the Earth and life of Earth during that time period. The display includes ‘immersive boxes’ where you can listen to the Moon landing or watch a dinosaur bite the dust!
  29. UC Davis Virtual Hallucinations Facility (SLurl)
    The UC Davis Virtual Hallucinations facility in Second Life is designed to give visitors a better understanding of schizophrenia by simulating the experience of the visual and aural hallucinations associated with schizophrenia based on interviews with real schizophrenics. It can be used to train medical students, nursing students and hospital staff and give the caregivers and loved ones of patients a better understanding of the world sufferers live in.
  30. Virtual Alamo (SLurl)
    Created as part of ISTE's online activities for NECC 08, the Virtual Alamo is virtual recreation of real life San Antonio landmark, the Alamo. It includes historically accurate buildings, virtual recreations of historical artifacts and extensive information about the real life site via notecards and signs spread throughout the build. This project demonstrates how a historical monument can be recreated in a virtual world, giving students from all geographic locations a chance to historically significant sites.
  31. Virtual Morocco (SLurl)
    Virtual Morocco is based on the Casablanca sim, and was created by the Global Outreach Morocco team, a group of students of the Johnson and Wales University in 2006. The students partnered with the Ministry of Tourism of Morocco to create an immersive experience that educates visitors about Moroccan culture while enticing them to think about Morocco as a travel destination. It contains monuments and experiences from Casablanca, Rabat, and Marrakesh, and includes space for projecting real-world events into the virtual environment.
  32. Princeton University's Campus (SLurl)
    Princeton's Campus in Second Life was opened in 2007, and is designed to provide a virtual space for students to experiment with the potentials of Second Life for education and research. It is used by staff and students for various class projects, research activities and conferences and meetings. The islands include a number of spaces designed for collaboration and communication including Nassau Hall, the Front Campus, Alexander Hall, the Chancellor Green Library, an Art Gallery, Prospect Gardens and the Princeton Island Conference Center, and includes a mix of creative and replica builds.

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the Raymaker Field Studies Centre at Norma Veritas Raymaker
the Raymaker Vulcanigallery at Da Boom
St Michel - the Jules Verne Museum Veritas Raymaker
Temasek - the culture, ecology and history of Singapore Veritas Raymaker
Media PlayLab International Network Christopher Pollemis

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