jokaydiaGRID Wishlist!

This page is a place for Residents of JokaydiaGrid and talented Scripters and Content Creators to discuss their needs.

Residents: Look to see if someone else has a similar need to your own. If so, add your name after theirs! (Please use your JokaydiaGrid Avatar name so we can contact you more readily) If you don't see your wish listed, add it! Once it is fulfilled, please note this.

Content Creators: Look through the wish list. If you see a need you think you can fill, contact the person(s) listed and negotiate with them.

Moderators: will periodically come through and organize, clean up, etc.


Attendance Taker: I teach an online class. I would like a way to see who is not present without having to look through the list of names in Local Chat. --Joe Avatar
Resolved: Talvin Muircastle created the "Check Roll" HUD, available in Scooter in the Freebies area.

The Wish List