SICTAS Future Technologies Meeting on the Islands of jokaydia


A meeting for the Future Technologies Tankette on the Islands of jokaydia in Second Life.

Event Details

Date: 22 April, 2009
Time: 11.00 am to 12.30 pm (AEST)
Location:Edusquare on the Islands of jokaydia (SLurl)
Tools: We will be using voice and text chat for this event.
Ballgowns optional!! ;)


  • Frankie Forsyth aka Frankie Gealach
  • Jerry Leeson
  • jokay Wollongong aka Jo Kay


The aims of this meeting are:
  • To hold a discussion in a virtual worlds environment on the educational uses of these types of spaces in Australia
  • To explore the educational uses of virtual worlds for libraries, science and languages education

How to Participate



To help us facilitate the event, please include your real life and avatar name in the table below. If you'd prefer to keep it private, you can email your details to Jo Kay or Frankie Forsyth

Real Life
Second Life Avatar
Jo Kay
jokay Wollongong
Pandora Kurrajong
Frankie Forsyth
Frankie Gealach
Lindy McKeown
Decka Mah
Dean Groom
slammed Aabye
Bron Stuckey
Bron Bloxome
Angela Cooke
Sapphire Ceawlin
John Welsh
Kyoba Stoop
Steve Collis
LeStep Steampunk
Jerry Leeson
Jerry Newtron

Practice Sessions

If you are new to Second Life and would like to arrange a quick practice session before our meeting, please email Jo Kay to arrange a time. We are more than happy to meet with you for a quick newbie session! ;)

Alternatively, visit the Newbie Garden on the Islands of jokaydia (SLurl) to engage in some basic resources and tools for new users.

Background Information

Note on the history of negative reactions to Virtual Reality

When the transcript from today's session is added you might want to move this note, but for now (and as a comfort to all those having to deal with all kinds of negative fearful reactions from management and parents) this Amazon reference is worth a read: how people reacted to the VR of the mid 1800s. Every technology that we have created to be able to create and share a "virtual" reality has been greeted by fear, predictions of moral corruption, censorship, intense regulation... including the telephone, TV, recorded music and Second Life!