ACEC2010 Chatlog

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Chatlog from ACEC2010 Unconference session facilitated by Bron Stuckey. Below is a log of participants from in Second Life and via our IRC-based chatbridge.

Session details @
Blog Post re: the Chatbridge @
Please note: Participants in this chat were informed of the bridging and chatlog publication during the event, however if you would like your comments removed from the logs please contact

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[19:55] jokay Wollongong: Yeah gathering from 1pm.. but session starts in melb at 1:30pm ;)
[19:56] Wonko Whizenhunt: okies. time for me to get some lunch then
[19:56] jokay Wollongong: So time to get comfy and refil the coffee cup.. hehehe
[19:56] Bron: hey there
[19:56] Wonko Whizenhunt: the chat bridge is really cool btw
[19:56] Wonko Whizenhunt: hey bron
[19:56] jokay Wollongong: aww thanks..r eally pleased we get to test it today ;)
[19:56] jokay Wollongong: coming in loud and clear bron ;)
[19:57] jokay Wollongong: be right back.. im gonna refil the coffee cup while the getting is good..
[19:57] jokay Wollongong: hehe
[19:57] Rob Merchi is Online
[19:58] Rob Merchi: hi there
[19:58] Bron: hi peeps
[19:58] Barbara Maven is Online
[19:59] Rob Merchi: will you be using sound bron?
[19:59] Wonko Whizenhunt: back soon
[20:00] Bron Bloxome: no voice
[20:00] Bron Bloxome: too much ambient noise here
[20:00] Rob Merchi: ok ... just wondering if I would turn it all on
[20:00] Rob Merchi: turned it off the other day
[20:00] jokay Wollongong: Hiya Rob..welcome! ;)
[20:00] Bron Bloxome: we will transcribe and share in chat
[20:00] Rob Merchi: great
[20:00] Rob Merchi: hi jo
[20:00] Bron Bloxome: we are in the expo area and lots of noise about us
[20:00] Sapphire Ceawlin is Online
[20:01] Rob Merchi: nice to be able to make it to another session inworld
[20:01] Rob Merchi: hehe
[20:01] Henny Zimer is Online
[20:01] Rob Merchi: I keep getting times wrong ...
[20:01] Bron Bloxome: no my fault
[20:02] Bron Bloxome: time starts in 25 mins
[20:02] jokay Wollongong: Is handy to have a half hour for people to get organised ;)
[20:02] Bron Bloxome: yes
[20:02] jokay Wollongong: Hi Mazarine and Barbara! ;)
[20:02] jokay Wollongong: Warning! Warning! Warning!
[20:02] jokay Wollongong: Just a for all again... we are chat bridging today..
[20:02] Rob Merchi: jo - is there any easy way to tfr inventory from grid to grid
[20:02] jokay Wollongong: so all your comments in local chat will be visible on the web in our chat room
[20:02] Bron Bloxome: yes sooooooo cool
[20:03] Rob Merchi: I tried the chat bridge, but no one was awake
[20:03] Rob Merchi: hehe
[20:03] jokay Wollongong: @rob.. two ways.... meerkat browser lets you backup...
[20:03] jokay Wollongong: and upload into other grids..
[20:03] Rob Merchi: ok ... so download meerkat
[20:03] jokay Wollongong: the other way is second inventory.. which is a more complete tool.. but you have to pay for a license..
[20:03] Rob Merchi: is it OK with windows 7
[20:03] Bron Bloxome: yes
[20:03] Bron Bloxome: I am using it
[20:03] Rob Merchi: thanks
[20:03] jokay Wollongong: keep in mind tho that you can only copy things you ahve full rights and full perms on ;)
[20:04] Rob Merchi: ok ...
[20:04] AngelaC: hey Jo, is there a limit to the number of users from an ip address
[20:04] Rob Merchi: that include RG
[20:04] jokay Wollongong: @Angela yeah i think we might see an upper limit of 20 per IP addy..
[20:04] Henny Zimer: I SHOULD have just downloaded meerkat...i bought second inventory...
[20:04] jokay Wollongong: So if people have mobile connections they can use as well that will help
[20:04] jokay Wollongong: we can have 100 in the room in totla
[20:05] Pandora Kurrajong is Online
[20:05] jokay Wollongong: Aww B.. thanks.. but why are you paying me $L.. lolz
[20:05] Bron Bloxome: we are getting organised here
[20:05] jokay Wollongong: Welcome P ;)
[20:05] Bron Bloxome: moving people out of the area soon whgo are not part of the session
[20:05] jokay Wollongong: second Inventory is handy if you want to move lotsa things henny..
[20:05] jokay Wollongong: meerkat is a bit of a fiddly job
[20:06] Rob Merchi: thanks for the warning
[20:06] jokay Wollongong: oh for people sitting too.. iif you want to change your pose.. pg up and pg down ;)
[20:06] Henny Zimer: hey jokay...can i back up anything i want with meerkat or are there with second inventory
[20:06] jokay Wollongong: Hey Lena and Sapphy! ;)
[20:06] heyjude: randomly in place in the chat last...using my own wifi
[20:07] LenaLotus Latte: Hi there :)
[20:07] jokay Wollongong: Woot welcome heyjude! ;)
[20:07] Rob Merchi: hey jude ... hehe
[20:07] heyjude: not sure why the acec wifi won't let me connect
[20:07] Pandora Kurrajong: can onyone hear me?
[20:07] jokay Wollongong: can hear you but its a bit crackly
[20:07] Jayjay Zifanwe gave you UWA 3D Art & Design SPEECH FOR WINNERS - MARCH ROUND JAY JAY.
[20:07] Rob Merchi: it is crackly
[20:07] LenaLotus Latte: Yes, I can hear you Pandora
[20:08] Sapphire Ceawlin is Offline
[20:08] jokay Wollongong: oh that's better
[20:08] jokay Wollongong: hehe
[20:08] jokay Wollongong: Cheers for $8 headsets.. lolz
[20:08] jokay Wollongong: hehe thanks lovely.. chat bridge-o-rama..
[20:08] Ackygirl Trilling: hi everybody :)
[20:08] jokay Wollongong: im actually just about to hit post ;)
[20:08] Sapphire Ceawlin is Online
[20:09] heyjude: chat bridge not so cool....blocking some of us due to too many on IP address. can you change that jo?
[20:09] Rob Merchi: hear you jo
[20:09] Henny Zimer: kk i can hear you pandora...and is that jokay...
[20:09] Sapphire Ceawlin: yayb sound is good
[20:10] Outback Outlander is Online
[20:10] mib_95oiuo: *waves* to everyone in the chatbridge.. just a reminder for you that we are bridging this into Second Life.. so anything you say here can and will be heard by avatars! ;)
[20:12] jokay Wollongong: yay great to see a little crowd in both the chat room and inworld...
[20:12] jokay Wollongong: welcome ackygirl and pennae ;)
[20:12] jokay Wollongong: Hiya outback ;) welcome ;)
[20:12] LenaLotus Latte: How many people in the Conversation Pit at ACEC?
[20:12] Outback Outlander: Hi Jo
[20:12] RobMerchi: hey there
[20:13] jokay Wollongong: sounds like there's a few gathering ;)
[20:13] Pennae DeCuir: hi :)
[20:13] Barbara Maven: hi everyone
[20:13] Outback Outlander: Hmm, using the SL2 client, but got no sound
[20:13] jokay Wollongong: So we're going to get started at 1:30 melb time = 8:30slt..
[20:13] Sapphire Ceawlin: yes - there is techie tweaking happening
[20:13] Henny Zimer: is acec like necc in aus?
[20:13] jokay Wollongong: so go fill those coffee cups now! ;)
[20:13] jokay Wollongong: Yes Henny... smaller.. but like NECC ;)
[20:13] LenaLotus Latte: Great, time to grab a coffee :-)
[20:14] Bron Bloxome is Offline
[20:14] Sapphire Ceawlin: Hey Henny
[20:14] Rob Merchi: took me a while to find where they hid sound on
[20:14] Henny Zimer: what s it stand for Aus Computers education computers?
[20:14] Rob Merchi: cntrl P hides it
[20:14] Rob Merchi: means finds it
[20:14] Jayjay Zifanwe is Offline
[20:15] Henny Zimer: Australian Computational Educational Corporation
[20:15] Bron Bloxome is Online
[20:15] Henny Zimer: Australian Computers Educational Conference?
[20:15] jokay Wollongong: click the big box by rob henny... it will tak you to the conf website and bron's sessiond etails :)
[20:15] DeckaMah: waves to Bron
[20:15] jokay Wollongong: Hiya Decka! ;)
[20:15] Pandora Kurrajong: Jass and RUsty are here
[20:15] Bron Bloxome: hi there Deckah
[20:15] DeckaMah: Hi Jokay
[20:15] Sapphire Ceawlin: Hin Decka :-)
[20:16] jokay Wollongong: For those interested... blog post on the chat bridge is @
[20:16] bianca: Hi :-)
[20:16] DeckaMah: waving to Pandora and all the inworlders
[20:16] jokay Wollongong: Hiya bianca welcome1 ;) and woot.. hey Jass and rusty1 ;)
[20:16] Outback Outlander: Do we have sound Jo?
[20:16] Henny Zimer: Decka Seattle?
[20:16] jokay Wollongong: Yeah we will have a little sound.. but most of it will be in text chat..
[20:16] Pennae DeCuir: Pandora's sound seems to be working ;)
[20:16] DeckaMah: In Queesnalnd right now
[20:16] Henny Zimer: hi @orwinr
[20:16] jokay Wollongong: lotsa background noise from melbourne.. they are int he conversation pit ;)
[20:16] Bron Bloxome: Audio here is difficult - lots of ambient noise
[20:17] Pennae DeCuir: It's nice having the background noise!
[20:17] jokay Wollongong: nah its all good.. loving hearing it.. hehehe
[20:17] Pennae DeCuir: It's...atmospheric :)
[20:17] Outback Outlander: hmm, I got nothin' at all
[20:17] jokay Wollongong: its like being fly on acec wall.. lolz
[20:17] Bron Bloxome: Kerry is the commentator
[20:17] Henny Zimer: you have a cool voice ...almost new hampshirine...
[20:17] jokay Wollongong: hrm outlander... have you gont to preferences.. just check your settings are ok there..
[20:17] jokay Wollongong: Ctrl-Alt-P
[20:17] Bron Bloxome: try to keep as much in chat as possible
[20:17] Pionia Destiny is Online
[20:17] Bron Bloxome: We will be introducing ourselves @ 1.30
[20:18] Pennae DeCuir: Is Jess around? Poke her for me!
[20:18] Bron Bloxome: One person inworld and one here in room
[20:18] Bron Bloxome: alternating
[20:18] Mazarine Rhode: I'm here Penny
[20:18] Henny Zimer: Australian Conference of Educators and Computers...
[20:18] Outback Outlander: got it thanks. Nice to hear you all
[20:18] Sapphire Ceawlin: I got my frosties yesterday lol
[20:18] Pennae DeCuir: Yaaaaay!
[20:18] Outback Outlander: Henny, I think it's Australian Council for Educational Computing
[20:19] DeckaMah: Hey Jokay can I pop the chat bridge window out to full screen?
[20:19] Mazarine Rhode: @Pennae did you enjoy your sleep in?1 :-)
[20:19] Pennae DeCuir: /hug Mazarine
[20:19] Sapphire Ceawlin: Australian Computers in Education Conference
[20:19] Pennae gives Mazarine a big hug.
[20:20] Heyjude Jenns is Online
[20:20] DeckaMah: is missing seeing all her buddies at ACEC2010
[20:20] Outback Outlander: There you go. Live and learn. :-)
[20:20] slammed Aabye is Online
[20:20] jokay Wollongong: Good point decka... i think i need to install it on a slightly wider page.. in the meantime try this link -
[20:21] jokay Wollongong: Hey welcome Slammed and jude ;)
[20:21] Pionia Destiny is Offline
[20:21] Pionia Destiny is Online
[20:21] Pennae DeCuir: I'm eyeing off Barbara's purse...
[20:21] slammed Aabye: hello read educators
[20:22] Pandora Kurrajong:
[20:22] slammed Aabye: real i mean
[20:22] Sapphire Ceawlin: Hey slammed
[20:22] Barbara Maven: Pennae: Bare Rose ;)
[20:22] Pennae DeCuir: @Pandora how do you multitask so much!?!?
[20:22] jokay Wollongong: She's practiced it.. hehehe
[20:22] Bron: We have about 25+ peeps gathered here now
[20:22] slammed Aabye: hey Henny
[20:22] jokay Wollongong: Hiya Zolt.. welcome ;)
[20:22] Bron: and will start in about 10 mins
[20:22] jokay Wollongong: how for those who are just arriving..
[20:23] slammed Aabye: kk
[20:23] jokay Wollongong: just another reminder... we are bridging this chat to the web..
[20:23] slammed Aabye: too clever
[20:23] jokay Wollongong: so any and all of your comments will be seen in the web based chat room on the website..
[20:23] slammed Aabye: hey Jude!
[20:23] Henny Zimer: hey slammed...what does ACEC stand for...Australian Conference Education Computers?
[20:23] slammed Aabye: dunno
[20:23] Pennae DeCuir: @Pandora I think it'd be quite dangerous if you got one of those cameras that automatically upload to Flickr whenever WiFi is available!
[20:23] Henny Zimer: can't find it anywhere...
[20:23] jokay Wollongong: And all your chat room participants... your coments will be heard inworld by real live avatars! ;)
[20:23] Decka: Hey Jokay, I opened the frame in a new window after closing out the previous one and it worked
[20:23] Barbara Maven: In other words: jokay wants us to behave.
[20:23] Pandora Kurrajong: i am uploading
[20:23] Henny Zimer: will our comments be heard in the outer world?
[20:23] slammed Aabye: australian council for computers in edumacation I think
[20:24] Pandora Kurrajong: jokay pulled this together in a matter of hours - YAYYYY JOKAYYYYY
[20:24] Pennae DeCuir: I'll try not to slap people with a wet fish then
[20:24] jokay Wollongong: Oh cool.. thanks Decka.. i'll try to improve it a little.. this is out super test run.. i set it up last night.. hehe
[20:24] jokay Wollongong: our*
[20:24] Rusty Kembla is Online
[20:24] Outback Outlander: how do I go fullscreen in the new SL2 client?
[20:24] Heyjude Jenns is Offline
[20:24] Isa Goodman is Offline
[20:25] jokay Wollongong: So would be great to hear from everyone what they think about the usefulness of this tool
[20:25] slammed Aabye: whats the topic of discussion
[20:25] jokay Wollongong: If you want to check out the session description..
[20:25] Pennae DeCuir: @slammed how great Barbar's purse is.. I mean, uh... it hasn't started yet :)
[20:25] slammed Aabye: @jo - it's brilliant and everyone wants it
[20:25] jokay Wollongong: click on the ACEC box just behind me (to my avatars left)
[20:25] jokay Wollongong: we'll get started in about 5 ;)
[20:25] Bron Bloxome: we're not getting inot the chat here
[20:25] Decka: @Jokay great job..I did a presentation the other day at ANU and they couldn't get their stuff to work so I set up a Wimba session after a one minute tutorial in a Skype chat. this
[20:25] Decka: stuff gets easier all the time
[20:25] Bron Bloxome: getting a max on the IP
[20:25] jokay Wollongong: *runs off for more caffeine*.. quick! ;) hehe
[20:26] jokay Wollongong: hehe... thanks decka.. i think its confidence isnt it.. you get used to just giving it a go and trying things out... cool re wimba ;)
[20:26] Bron Bloxome: wot is the max on the IP?
[20:26] slammed Aabye: I think Henny looks like Gary Stager
[20:26] jokay Wollongong: the ip limit should be 20
[20:26] Bron Bloxome: sh Stager was just here
[20:27] Bron Bloxome: no - seems we are only getting 1
[20:27] Henny Zimer: Gary stager must be a nice lookin fella
[20:27] jokay Wollongong: Hrm.. try restarting your browser... i've had 10 at least running off my ip over night ;)
[20:27] Decka: yeah Jokay, you gotta just give it a shot and ask questions Shoutout ...I love forums!!! where you can get the answer to almost any question. Thank you Mr Google
[20:27] Bron Bloxome: I am in but all the others are getting an error
[20:28] Dean: hello world
[20:28] Arteer Oliva is Online
[20:28] Henny Zimer: what is the link to the chat bridge...
[20:28] Dean: hello
[20:28] Bron Bloxome: Start in a few mins
[20:28] Heyjude Jenns is Online
[20:28] Bron Bloxome:
[20:28] slammed Aabye: wb Jude
[20:28] Sapphire Ceawlin: wb jude
[20:29] Ackygirl Trilling: Welcome Marragem... we are sitting together in SL and in RL hahaha
[20:29] Decka: Henny try right click and open in a new frame
[20:29] Decka: then it is full window chat not just a little corner of the screen 2 words wide
[20:29] Bron Bloxome: chat not working here for us
[20:29] Ackygirl Trilling: nice zebra and rainbow outfit Zolt :P
[20:30] slammed Aabye: works here
[20:30] Bron Bloxome: we r getting max out messages
[20:30] Rusty Kembla is Offline
[20:30] Jeff: hi henny
[20:30] Dean: works here too
[20:30] Henny Zimer: hey jef
[20:30] Zolt Wind: it is what it is
[20:30] Decka: Bron the chat bridge is working well...can you hear / see my chat?
[20:30] LenaLotus Latte: hey jude

external image 4501326257_17ee1ed002.jpg

[20:30] slammed Aabye: cool I can heckle myself
[20:30] Zolt Wind: yes Bron
[20:30] Bron Bloxome: we should get everyone in world to NOT use the chat
[20:30] Dean: Slammed - you're a clown
[20:30] Henny Zimer: i can heckle you if you like
[20:31] jokay Wollongong: lolz slammed x 2.. lord save us all.. lmao
[20:31] Pandora Kurrajong: i think if you heckel yourself too much you go blind Dean
[20:31] Bron Bloxome: not form here - we are only allowing 1 connection
[20:31] Jeff: i agree slammed is a clown
[20:31] Blackstone Skytower is Online
[20:31] slammed Aabye: thanks Jeff
[20:31] Bron Bloxome: getting IP max exceeded message
[20:31] Pennae DeCuir: Is this a "pick on slammed" session? ;)
[20:31] Bron Bloxome: Make start now
[20:31] jokay Wollongong: hrm bron.. i've cleared out an dead chatters... try closing browsers completely and trying again
[20:31] Chimera Cosmos is Online
[20:31] Jeff: i am playing in wow quest atlantis jokaydiagrid and secondlife...all while chat bridging
[20:31] Ackygirl Trilling is Online
[20:32] jokay Wollongong: hehe.. you multitasker you, jeff! lolz
[20:32] Henny Zimer: yes...jeff is a multi tasker
[20:32] slammed Aabye: Jeffs a hacker
[20:32] jokay Wollongong: he's a pig maker too.. lolz
[20:32] Henny Zimer: Jeff looks like gary stager...
[20:33] slammed Aabye: I missed GS speech - was it a ripper
[20:33] slammed Aabye: or was it no one streamed it
[20:33] Tempest: Hi
[20:33] slammed Aabye: Hel Mel
[20:33] Tempest: hey matey
[20:33] jokay Wollongong: Hey tempest! ;)
[20:33] Decka: Bron got a link to the topic for the discussion here today?
[20:34] Pionia Destiny is Offline
[20:34] jokay Wollongong: Bron's session details are @
[20:34] Tempest: hey jo
[20:34] Dean: oh crap, sundried tomatos just landed in the keyboard, yuk
[20:34] Sapphire Ceawlin: rofl
[20:34] slammed Aabye: clown
[20:34] mib_3odsvy: excellent finally got in
[20:34] Tempest: he he
[20:35] Wonko Whizenhunt: ello all
[20:35] Henny Zimer: hi tempest:)
[20:35] Tempest: so cool to meet all the jokaydians in the flesh - you all rock!
[20:35] slammed Aabye: last ACEC in canberra was like - what's second life again? - how diff this year
[20:35] Tempest: Hey Henny
[20:35] Sapphire Ceawlin: Bron is introducing herself
[20:36] slammed Aabye: she is?
[20:36] Pennae DeCuir: uhh... second life? where am i? what am i doing?
[20:36] slammed Aabye: yeah
[20:36] Outback Outlander: you mean in real life?
[20:36] jokay Wollongong: i can hear you p
[20:36] LenaLotus Latte: yep
[20:36] Outback Outlander: yep
[20:36] Henny Zimer: i can here you
[20:36] Barbara Maven: hello ..hear you :)
[20:36] Henny Zimer: hear you
[20:36] slammed Aabye: we can her yan yankee doodle
[20:36] Sapphire Ceawlin: as an educator primarily involved with pedagogy
[20:36] Wonko Whizenhunt: should we be getting sound?
[20:36] slammed Aabye: got audio
[20:37] LenaLotus Latte: Hi David :)
[20:37] slammed Aabye: usual face-missing issues from admin wombles David?
[20:37] Sapphire Ceawlin: david folland (Lord Folland in world) into exploring connecting with people around the world - wants to do it with students, will also be trying Quest Atlantis
[20:37] jokay Wollongong: three cheers for rusty! lolz ;)
[20:37] Henny Zimer: hey...i know him...
[20:37] slammed Aabye: lolz
[20:37] Sapphire Ceawlin: Roger Stack Tasmania (Rusty Kembla in world)
[20:37] Henny Zimer: Hi Lord Folland
[20:38] Pennae DeCuir: We can hear you, we're the important ones! :)
[20:38] Mazarine Rhode: watch it pennae...:-)
[20:38] Zolt Wind: Jason Zagami from Griffith Uni, Gold Coast (can't speak as I am in a paper presentation atm as well)
[20:38] Wonko Whizenhunt: I have no audio ... should I?
[20:38] jokay Wollongong: and jokaydiaGrid too, rusty!! lolz
[20:38] Sapphire Ceawlin: Had a range of restructure in education system the systems have changed a lot so statewide across 20n campuses are ready to get started in SL, RG
[20:38] jokay Wollongong: indeed.. jump in and intro yourselves everyone..
[20:39] jokay Wollongong: I will.. I'm jokay aka jokay Wollongong.. the owner facilitator of jokaydia..
[20:39] Henny Zimer: hi
[20:39] Sapphire Ceawlin: come on henny or slammed
[20:39] slammed Aabye: Slammed Aabye - Hacker and greatest sword fighter in al the world
[20:39] Henny Zimer: i am jeff Agamenoni in montana
[20:39] Outback Outlander: Outback Outlander, aka Chris Betcher.
[20:39] Pennae DeCuir: *waves* I'm Penny, an EdD student at Murdoch University... and it's not even lunch time here yet :)
[20:39] jokay Wollongong: i've been working in virtual worlds for about 5 years.. and just recently opened a new adventure in opensim - jokaydiaGRID.. woot! ;)
[20:39] Wonko Whizenhunt: I am wonko aka wonko
[20:39] Henny Zimer: i teach gifted ed in the middle schools in great falls
[20:39] Rusty Kembla is Online
[20:39] Henny Zimer: I use quest atlantis
[20:39] Wonko Whizenhunt: well, Peter Whitehjouse, but have lost much of that real world persona
[20:39] Henny Zimer: Bron is my teacher...
[20:40] slammed Aabye: *massive round of applause"
[20:40] Decka: Waves to Jeff
[20:40] slammed Aabye: yey
[20:40] Tempest: *clap clap*
[20:40] jokay Wollongong: we need someone to introduce themselves from chat bridge too.. go decka! ;)
[20:40] slammed Aabye: *snigger
[20:40] LenaLotus Latte: Hi ACEC folk, Lyn Hay, lecturer School of Info Studies, CSU
[20:40] Ackygirl Trilling: I'm Amanda Rablin... from Qld... work with Wonko :)
[20:40] Wonko Whizenhunt: hey Acky
[20:40] Decka: Lindy McKeown, Project Officer - Collaboration and Virtual Worlds at the University of Southern Queensland (working remotely from Seattle area)
[20:41] Sapphire Ceawlin: Mick - 4th year primary ed student starting next year to south dandenong
[20:41] Heyjude Jenns is Offline
[20:41] Sapphire Ceawlin: going to the boston conf
[20:41] slammed Aabye: Im Dean Groom, Macquarie Uni in Real Life
[20:41] Outback Outlander: Me too!
[20:41] Sapphire Ceawlin: Sue Gregory (Jazz asterman in SL)
[20:41] Rusty Kembla is Offline
[20:41] Rob Merchi: Rob Miller - head teacher @TAFENSW central NSW in RL
[20:41] mib_3odsvy: Conference details are
[20:41] Sapphire Ceawlin: working with students in SL for 3 years at UNE
[20:41] Heyjude Jenns is Online
[20:41] marragem Celestalis: Hi, Amanda Marrinan - Yr 2 teacher from Brisbane, Qld nad I'm lookig for my hair!!
[20:41] Sapphire Ceawlin: 180n students so far this year!!
[20:42] Barbara Maven: Hello! TAFE IT teacher that has been volunteered to coordinate the online learning at my local campus, and also on the team to reboot the Multimedia quals (which will stay in effect for the next 5 yrs)
[20:42] jokay Wollongong: lots coming up bron.. great crowd here! ;)
[20:42] Jeff: this is cool as...
[20:42] Outback Outlander: Hi Mel!
[20:42] Jeff: Melanie rocks!
[20:42] Sapphire Ceawlin: Melanie Hughes (Tempest Nightl;y in SL)
[20:42] slammed Aabye: Mel ROCKS
[20:42] Pennae DeCuir: *waves at Mel*
[20:42] Sapphire Ceawlin: works across grades - loves her job
[20:43] jokay Wollongong:
[20:43] Tempest: thanks matey
[20:43] Pennae DeCuir: Hiiiiiiii Jess!
[20:43] Sapphire Ceawlin: Jess McCullogh (mazarine Rhode in SL)
[20:43] Ute Frenburg: Grad student in Oregon..looking to do my Masters on Virtual Worlds
[20:44] Henny Zimer: i am twittering with my chef's hat
[20:44] Sapphire Ceawlin: thinking about using SL for students who are going to China - give them an experience of being in country
[20:44] Tempest: henny is always in great costumes
[20:44] Outback Outlander: the old "land naked in the fire" trick!
[20:44] Heyjude Jenns: ooooo such a struggle on a netbook
[20:45] Sapphire Ceawlin: anne merchin watching - previous experience was being a puff of smoke - teaches secondary, ICT and accounting
[20:45] jokay Wollongong: hang in there jude! ;)
[20:45] Tempest: hey jokaydians could someone log the chat? some of the folks here are asking for it as a reference to know who they can network with as newbies?
[20:45] Pandora Kurrajong: flow of photos -
[20:45] Chimera Cosmos is Offline
[20:45] jokay Wollongong: check the chat... we've got Ute from Oregan.... Barbara from Tafe in Wollongong..
[20:45] slammed Aabye: I can log it
[20:45] Zep Janick: Michael Beilharz ICT INtegrator new at knox grammar sydney
[20:45] jokay Wollongong: and yes i will publish the chat on the jokaydia wiki ;)
[20:46] jokay Wollongong: hehe... i went first! ;)
[20:46] jokay Wollongong: indeed.. ann.. come play with us! ;)
[20:46] Tempest: thank jo form the folks here
[20:46] slammed Aabye: Jo is the reason Australia HAS a Virtual Community - lets not be humble
[20:46] Sapphire Ceawlin: Singing praises of Jo - the wsonderful facilitator/owner of Jokaydia
[20:46] jokay Wollongong: And dont forget we have space in opensim @ jokaydiaGRID now too... allw elcome! ;)
[20:46] Tempest: jo is the reason and is sooooooo helpful to everyone
[20:46] Tempest: Jo rocks!
[20:46] slammed Aabye: and JokaydiaGRID is going to game-change
[20:47] jokay Wollongong: hehe.. aww thanks tempest.. Jokaydians rock!! ;)
[20:47] Henny Zimer: i am a montanan jokaydian:) the first of the Montanan Jokaydians
[20:47] Sapphire Ceawlin: Jo is unbelievable - present her with a challenge :-)
[20:47] LenaLotus Latte: Jo has helped us at SIS realise our VW vision :)
[20:47] Heyjude Jenns: jo is everything to us in oz - thx
[20:47] Henny Zimer: Jo and Dean helped me write a grant that got me 7 high quality laptops...
[20:47] Pennae DeCuir: Hi Jeanette! I'm a West Aussie too!
[20:47] Sapphire Ceawlin: Denise Turner from WA - is here to learn about SL, has done Quest Atlantis training
[20:48] Sapphire Ceawlin: primary teacher
[20:48] Pennae DeCuir: Oops, heard the name wrong!
[20:48] jokay Wollongong: hehe *blushes*... its everyone's contribution to the community that counts... is exciting to see the new devs happening in opensim
[20:48] slammed Aabye: Jo has build Macquarie University Campus ... and I'm working with her on an epic sim for middle school Animal Farm project with Jeff in Montana
[20:48] Decka: Network with other newbies at ISTE Socials and Show and tell
[20:48] jokay Wollongong: Hoooray Miss Pandora!! ;)
[20:48] Tempest: yes all the jokaydians are tarred with the same brush. You are all very giving to the educators who are new to the whole concept of education and virtual worlds
[20:48] Heyjude Jenns: will the iPad run scond life?
[20:48] slammed Aabye: @jokaydians do not edumacate
[20:48] Tempest: all the new folks jokaydia is the place to be and the place to be
[20:48] Sapphire Ceawlin: Kerry J (aka Pandora Kurrajong) into podcasting and wanted to interview jokay and decka, had to go in world
[20:48] Rob Merchi: hope so heyjude
[20:49] Sapphire Ceawlin: spent months wandering around lost
[20:49] Wonko Whizenhunt: I am from QLD, wear 2 hats - one a private boy's school as a teacher, another a word developer for Education QLD
[20:49] slammed Aabye: @heyjude - no, but I think HP Slate will
[20:49] Decka: Jeff @orwinr sends his greetings!!
[20:49] baldric_yootz: The iPad won't run second life.
[20:49] Wonko Whizenhunt: *world
[20:49] Sapphire Ceawlin: then jokay tolds her about a flexible learning conference
[20:49] Henny Zimer: hey @orwinr
[20:49] slammed Aabye: @kerry - you TANK it girl
[20:49] Decka: mean world not word right?
[20:49] Pennae DeCuir: @baldric ...yet
[20:49] Wonko Whizenhunt: *thwaps self* my spolling is on holidays
[20:49] slammed Aabye: and I met ..... Henny *sigh*
[20:49] slammed Aabye: (kidding)
[20:50] slammed Aabye: VWBPE
[20:50] jokay Wollongong: hooray for henny! ;)
[20:50] Sapphire Ceawlin: there were speakers from around the globe, and so Pandora was sold - went dancing with wonderful people
[20:50] Tempest: yes kerry i was so excited to network with all the folks inworld too.
[20:50] Sapphire Ceawlin: always find people - and empty space is not the real virtual world
[20:50] jokay Wollongong: And yes.. come to events... jokaydia's next unconference (our first multigrid event) is on the last weekend of May... save the date! ;)
[20:50] slammed Aabye: Kerry's OPENSIM is BRILLIANT - MAKE THE EFFORT!
[20:51] jokay Wollongong: Indeed.. go see Immersed in reactiongrid.. it is brilliant! ;)
[20:51] Tempest: multi grid? yeeha!
[20:51] slammed Aabye: ... and we play Warcraft too ...
[20:51] jokay Wollongong: Kerry's session details @
[20:51] Sapphire Ceawlin: Pandora is p
[resenting tomorrow, so is Decka
[20:51] Pandora Kurrajong: hehehe
[20:51] Pennae DeCuir: I almost failed my degree because of WOW :(
[20:51] Rob Merchi: immersED is a great way to get educators who are a bit unsure of VW to play and learn
[20:51] jokay Wollongong: Lindy's session @
[20:52] Decka: thanks Jo
[20:52] jokay Wollongong: ooo pennae... wow queen? we are thinking about a jokaydian guild... would love your thoughts ;)
[20:52] Sapphire Ceawlin: Peter is working as a developer for a QeD virtual world
[20:52] Pennae DeCuir: @jokay nooooooooo!! I need to finish THIS degree :) Aaarrgghhhh!!! :)
[20:52] Wonko Whizenhunt: well, wonko is, he knows stuff about Activeworlds (well, learning fast)
[20:53] jokay Wollongong: heheheh @ pennae.. promise we wont distract you too much ;)
[20:53] Decka: *wonders why Ed Queensland didn't join forces to have Quest Atlantis and their own stuff?*
[20:53] Outback Outlander: yep
[20:53] Sapphire Ceawlin: judy connell (aka Heyjude Jenns)
[20:53] slammed Aabye: Judy!
[20:53] jokay Wollongong: LMAO... hoooray heyjude! ;)
[20:53] Pennae DeCuir: Hi Judy! I'm a big fan of your blog!!
[20:54] Wonko Whizenhunt: *wonders why Decka poses questions that are outside the scope of my role*
[20:54] Sapphire Ceawlin: Jude went to same conference as Pandora
[20:54] slammed Aabye: my name is a reason why you should THINK hard about your avatart name
[20:54] Decka: Judy Judy Judy....that would be a good line for a movie
[20:54] Sapphire Ceawlin: was blown away by seeing the visual
[20:54] Henny Zimer: Heyjude teach Slammed...slammed teach henny
[20:54] slammed Aabye: and the world moves around
[20:54] Sapphire Ceawlin: SL and virtual worlds ties in with brain research
[20:54] jokay Wollongong: woot for Dean and Jude's book.. cant wait to get my hands on a copy ;)
[20:55] slammed Aabye: it's a kicking-book - and not just about Second Life
[20:55] Sapphire Ceawlin: dean grrom (aka slammed abye) and Jude have collaborated on a book
[20:55] Outback Outlander: haha, good luck with ACER. ;-)
[20:55] Henny Zimer: when is the book coming out...
[20:55] Sledge Roffo is Online
[20:55] slammed Aabye: Shut up Chris or I'll terminate you
[20:55] Outback Outlander: lol
[20:55] Sapphire Ceawlin: keep current on virtual worlds - like your twitter stream
[20:55] Henny Zimer: Heyjude gave me a pair of socks and I turned into a pizza chef
[20:55] jokay Wollongong: indeed... jude makes a good point... our twitter connectons are key too... drop your @'s into the chat if you feel so inclined! ;)
[20:55] slammed Aabye: this book is making me RICH RICH RICH
[20:55] slammed Aabye: lolz
[20:55] jokay Wollongong: Hoooray for Mr Bruce ;)
[20:56] Sapphire Ceawlin: Adrian Bruce
[20:56] Henny Zimer: hey...I ave read his blog...sweet blog
[20:56] slammed Aabye: Adrian Bruce would have a Zombie Avatar
[20:56] Tempest: yay! adrian
[20:56] Sapphire Ceawlin: has broadband yay!!!
[20:56] LenaLotus Latte: OK folks, gotta go. Look forward to reading the chat later.
[20:56] jokay Wollongong: thanks for dropping in Lena! seeya soon ;)
[20:56] LenaLotus Latte: Ooo that dounds like Barney D :)
[20:56] Rob Merchi: cya lena
[20:56] jokay Wollongong: Will publish the chat on the wiki soon ;)
[20:56] Sapphire Ceawlin: Barney Delgarno - been doing research in virtual environments
[20:57] Pennae DeCuir: Interview me! Interview me! *skips*
[20:57] Sapphire Ceawlin: been working on scoping work on research re virtual ed
[20:57] slammed Aabye: Barny - call me man
[20:57] Tsmith Thursday: I'm curious about your higher ed work
[20:57] slammed Aabye: can help ya
[20:57] jokay Wollongong: hehe.. barney you need to come meet your jokayian Higher eds.. CSU, Adelaide Uni, CDU and MQ are here ;)
[20:58] LenaLotus Latte is Offline
[20:58] jokay Wollongong: Yayy! sapphy! ;)
[20:58] Decka: who is MQ?
[20:58] Ackygirl Trilling: sorry guys... I'm just trying to make myself more blue... it's all I do in real life too... :P
[20:58] jokay Wollongong: Macquarie uni ;)
[20:58] Decka: ty
[20:58] Tempest: sapphy is saying what a great experience SL is
[20:58] jokay Wollongong: sleep is for the non avatarised.. lolz
[20:59] Tempest: and how we all lack sleep because of it
[20:59] Tsmith Thursday: agree on sleep interruption
[20:59] Pennae DeCuir: level 80!!!! omg!!!!
[20:59] Henny Zimer: lolz...jeez...
[20:59] Pennae DeCuir: do you sleep?!!?!?!?
[20:59] jokay Wollongong: Yay Sapphy! ;)
[20:59] Ute Frenburg: what's sleep?
[20:59] Ackygirl Trilling: LOL
[20:59] Decka: who is the contact at CDU?
[20:59] Decka: I have a buddy going there soon
[20:59] slammed Aabye: Level 80 Dealth Knight - Vormamin - Sisters of Elune (US Server)
[20:59] Wonko Whizenhunt: ...
[20:59] Tempest: barney is decka
[20:59] Pandora Kurrajong: KerryJ Gnome Mage here
[20:59] slammed Aabye: you can come to me to help with ANY teen project - FREE
[20:59] Henny Zimer: level 80 dwarf paladin....with very low mana..but hard to kill

external image 4501942226_8bae74f24d.jpg

[21:00] Sapphire Ceawlin: Sapphre - sister of elune lol
[21:00] slammed Aabye: kk
[21:00] jokay Wollongong: Fine arts faculty decka... I'll send you coordinators details.. am sure he'd like to meetya ;)
[21:00] Ute Frenburg: Go Skoolaborate!!
[21:00] Pandora Kurrajong: HAH - just caught Adrian Bruce out for unfollowing me on Twitter - heheheh
[21:00] slammed Aabye: Happy to help design middle school projects for JokaydiaGRID
[21:00] Sapphire Ceawlin: Any questions about teaching and learning in a virtual world?
[21:00] Sapphire Ceawlin: How do teachers adapt to virtual worlds
[21:00] Tsmith Thursday: teacher adaption is slower
[21:01] jokay Wollongong: That's a good question.. for those of us inworld.... what was the thing that made you stay/explore further too
[21:01] Andrew: Have found my way in :) Andrew Jep = Tsuyoshi Kleinberg
[21:01] slammed Aabye: because it has all the archetypes needed for 21C learning - simple.
[21:01] jokay Wollongong: Welcome Andrew!! ;)
[21:01] Wonko Whizenhunt: some adapt quite well after a period of "clumsiness"some never get past the uncomfortable feeling
[21:01] Sapphire Ceawlin: bron says go to events, buddy up
[21:01] Henny Zimer: llol
[21:01] Ute Frenburg: rofl
[21:01] Henny Zimer: haha
[21:01] Barbara Maven: hahahahah
[21:02] jokay Wollongong: hooray... keeersplatt!!.. lolz
[21:02] Pennae DeCuir: Hi Andrew!!!
[21:02] Outback Outlander: It's always interesting to ask how teachers cope with these things... as though education is about the teachers...
[21:02] Tsmith Thursday: many teachers have not skyped - also a good start
[21:02] Ackygirl Trilling: hehehe... and flying into walls
[21:02] Tsuyoshi Kleinberg: Hi all
[21:02] Ute Frenburg: LOVE THE FACE PLANTS!!!!
[21:02] jokay Wollongong: collaborative activies help too..
[21:02] slammed Aabye: Join the Jokaydia Community and open your mind to the fact that 2D wont save education
[21:02] Pennae DeCuir: sharing digital photos is also a good start :)
[21:02] jokay Wollongong: drumming, using an object together
[21:02] Henny Zimer: go to jokaydia and ask lots of questions...
[21:02] Sapphire Ceawlin: Pandora says start with a web intro - then take them in world take them high and get them to throw themselves off - whren the avatar does not break they are good to go
[21:02] Sapphire Ceawlin: looking at Quest Atlantis now
[21:02] jokay Wollongong: hehe... lets cross our fingers that we can still hear the Quest explorations... if not.. .who volunteers to tap dance? lolz
[21:03] Pennae DeCuir: jokay took us on a balloon tour at a conference a few years ago. that got me hooked :)
[21:03] Wonko Whizenhunt: many cannot see past the "pretty"and the "cutesy"to the core of what is possible
[21:03] Sapphire Ceawlin: i pick jo lolz
[21:03] jokay Wollongong: hehe.. i cant tap dance.. but i can skip.. lolz
[21:03] jokay Wollongong: Maybe henny can tell us alittle about what he does in Quest while real life does that?
[21:03] jokay Wollongong: ;)
[21:03] Pennae DeCuir: and when i saw the sistine chapel i was impressed... but the SLanguages conference was the kicker (i did a poster presentation!)
[21:03] Wonko Whizenhunt: some are uncomfortable that their students are more comfortable with the tools than they are
[21:03] jokay Wollongong: Who else inworld is using quest?
[21:03] samanda Undercroft is Offline
[21:03] Sapphire Ceawlin: seeing what a virtual world can provide for students is major factor for teachers
[21:03] Bron Bloxome is Offline
[21:03] slammed Aabye: DIE
[21:03] Rob Merchi: I came inworld as a student while doing a masters. got hooked
[21:03] Henny Zimer: want me to come into quest atlantis?
[21:03] Henny Zimer: i am in quest atlantis
[21:04] slammed Aabye: can we play Wow! now?
[21:04] Henny Zimer: wow!
[21:04] Rob Merchi: now I am going to bring students in ... see how I go
[21:04] Decka: Doh...Barney is CSU not CDU
[21:04] Ackygirl Trilling: wonko... defintely... but then again we learn soooo much through what our students do and share :)
[21:04] Pennae DeCuir: i've had students who are really, really good at soccer. i'm no good at sport. but i don't stop them playing (at the appropriate time)
[21:04] Tsmith Thursday: I am in QA now also Bron
[21:04] jokay Wollongong: hehe... slammed.. i need to level to 79 tonight.. needs help!.. lolz
[21:04] Ute Frenburg: @Wonko....totally agree...the teachers feel out of control as the students know more and can adapt quicker
[21:04] Outback Outlander: this has been fun, but I need to go get ready to get on a plane to Melbourne :-) See you all soon.
[21:04] Pennae DeCuir: ....and i also find those soccer kids a mentor (coach)!
[21:04] Wonko Whizenhunt: acky indeed - some are open to that sort of learning, ├Âld guard"are very threatened by it
[21:04] slammed Aabye: @jo, no you missed the Weds meeting .... stop playing Wow!
[21:05] Wonko Whizenhunt: whether it is rational or not
[21:05] slammed Aabye: I can see why this would seem so scary to teachers
[21:05] Tempest: building relationships is eally important in virtual world its another corner of the PLN
[21:05] Pennae DeCuir: I agree with Kerry tho - it has to be purposeful
[21:05] jokay Wollongong: I was there!!.. and i haz a windmill to show you.. lolz
[21:05] Henny Zimer nods at what tempest said...
[21:05] Pennae DeCuir: Wandering around is realllllly boring
[21:05] slammed Aabye: @Pennae all learning must be purposeful
[21:06] slammed Aabye: just that you don't get a text-book for SL - you have to use your brain and be inventive
[21:06] jokay Wollongong: Agree Pennae.. i think its really key to make sure people have good early experiences.. the ghost town effect is alienating
[21:06] slammed Aabye: you can FAKE virtual worlds and games - if youre a n00b, youre a n00b
[21:06] Henny Zimer thinks you need to ask lots and lots of questions...
[21:06] Wonko Whizenhunt: time to play is necessary - being comfortable to do that is vital
[21:06] Pennae DeCuir: as long as you're not a luser? ;)
[21:06] slammed Aabye: agrees with Henny
[21:06] jokay Wollongong: agreed henny.. and be brave about trying things and taking risks
[21:07] Mic: where teachers have used this with class what sort of reaction have you got from parents?
[21:07] slammed Aabye: teachers are novices for a short time and experts for a long time - going back to being a novice is an ego-thing
[21:07] jokay Wollongong: Henny.. what has the response been from your kids/parents re: QA?
[21:07] Barbara Maven: Mic, you have to remember a lot of us ARE parents and we see how bored our kids are with the current system
[21:07] Henny Zimer: very positive...especially from the kids...
[21:07] Outback Outlander is Offline
[21:08] Barbara Maven: I'd be thrilled to see my son engaged and learning in an environment he's comfortable/familiar with and in many ways mastered
[21:08] Henny Zimer: parents think it is cool...but not as cool as the kids...
[21:08] Rob Merchi: my teenage son thinks its cool his mum games ... ;)
[21:08] jokay Wollongong: how did you manage parental approvals henny.. that's a biggy for k-7 teachers especially
[21:08] Henny Zimer: the kids go nuts...
[21:08] Tsmith Thursday: agree Henny - approvals weer easy
[21:08] Henny Zimer: they are exploring...
[21:08] Ute Frenburg: In the US kids are bored and crammed in a box not thinking only regurgitating
[21:08] Henny Zimer: don't realize that they are learning
[21:09] Tsmith Thursday: except when I ask them to revise a quest
[21:09] Sapphire Ceawlin: logging off
[21:09] Sapphire Ceawlin is Offline
[21:09] Tsmith Thursday: but they think it is an inworld character
[21:09] Ute Frenburg: need to teach them to think and ask good questions and sl does that!
[21:09] Tempest: people here are asking about beginning building in SL. we are telling them to use a sandpit and take objects they want to keep
[21:09] Rob Merchi: as long as there is an emphasis that the VW is a safe place for them to be
[21:09] Tempest: lots of newbies keen to begin here ; )
[21:10] jokay Wollongong: Yep tempest.. sandboxes in jokaydia in SL, jokaydia@reactiongrid and jokaydiaGRID.. all welcome ;)
[21:10] jokay Wollongong: We'll try to organise a post ACEC event next week if people are interested..
[21:10] jokay Wollongong: Follow me @jokay on twitter or read the blog for details..
[21:10] slammed Aabye: @temp - I am happy to help any HS get in world and get some projects happening via JokaydiaGRID
[21:10] Pooky Amsterdam is Online
[21:10] Pennae DeCuir: and it's ok NOT to be a builder!!
[21:11] Decka: Ok off to join Randy's online session. Hugs to all. byeeeeeeeeeeee *fades to black*
[21:11] Pandora Kurrajong: I wasn't a builder when I started on ImmersED
[21:11] jokay Wollongong: And for those inworld... if you want to you can search in groups for jokaydia News and INfo and join that to receive updatesi nworld
[21:11] jokay Wollongong: thansk for coming decka! ;)
[21:11] Pandora Kurrajong: I became one out of necessity
[21:11] slammed Aabye: Kids build with ease
[21:11] slammed Aabye: don't think objects - think outcomes
[21:11] Pennae DeCuir: I only use SL to attend stuff like this... and quite happy with that fact :)
[21:11] Pennae DeCuir: there's only so much time....
[21:11] slammed Aabye: design your learning - from what you want to immerse kids in
[21:11] Tsmith Thursday: Aabye - are you talking baout building in QA or elsewhere?
[21:11] jokay Wollongong: hehe.. there are lots of peepsinworld who will build for you... and a huge pool of stuff you can use..
[21:12] jokay Wollongong: jokaydia has many public spaces like this that are open for open for people to use.. as do most of the edu groups in SL
[21:12] Tempest: thanks slammed, jo and pandora will pass on to folks here... bron is on QA now but many keen recruits
[21:12] Pennae DeCuir: maybe the proposal to create an indonesian virtual world will get funding :)
[21:12] Pennae DeCuir: cross fingers!
[21:12] slammed Aabye: @Tsmith - not QA, you can do that in the project with no outside help
[21:12] Henny Zimer: I
[21:11] Henny Zimer: i blogged about my students and quest atlantis...when a vice principal came into my room
[21:12] Henny Zimer: kids learn to interact in an online environment...and learn through role play and experience...
[21:12] Tempest: thanks to all and see you sooooon!
[21:12] jokay Wollongong: Seeya soon tempest! thanks for coming! ;)
[21:12] slammed Aabye: @pennae - there are ALTC projects in VWs
[21:12] You decline VSTE Island Sandbox, VSTE Island (35, 94, 24) from A group member named Louise Borgnine.
[21:13] Tempest: see ya jo! thanks a million
[21:13] Pennae DeCuir: @slammed yeh, there's another one in the works aimed at high school students tho... indonesian :)
[21:13] slammed Aabye: kk
[21:13] Sapphire Ceawlin is Online
[21:13] Pamala Clift is Offline
[21:13] Pennae DeCuir: can't take kids in-country so in-world would be nice
[21:13] Henny Zimer: bye tempest...
[21:13] Heyjude Jenns: bye everyone
[21:14] Henny Zimer: bye Jude...
[21:14] Sapphire Ceawlin: Bron is describing the Mesa Verde world, Plague unit and Taiga
[21:14] slammed Aabye: @pennae - Macquarie has one for Social Inclusion in the NT, with local kids in world
[21:14] jokay Wollongong: Oh i wanna go do Taiga.. hehe
[21:14] Pennae DeCuir: cool!
[21:14] slammed Aabye: by Jude
[21:14] Sapphire Ceawlin: Those are the big dedicated worlds, but students are being constantly rewarded as they would be in games
[21:15] Pennae DeCuir: and penalised? as they would in games?
[21:15] Sapphire Ceawlin: Students enter in white tourist clothing sand have to earn their way into clothes and editable avatar
[21:15] Heyjude Jenns is Offline
[21:15] jokay Wollongong: Ciao Jude!.. thanks lovely ;)
[21:15] slammed Aabye: @kerryank - pass my name on if HS ppl want help getting up and running with JokaydiaGRID project design ... happy to help.
[21:15] jokay Wollongong: oh boo.. missed her... someone tell her in rl chat.. lolz
[21:15] Pennae DeCuir: cool that's like getting a pen license!
[21:15] Sapphire Ceawlin: No penalty - reward based
[21:16] slammed Aabye: thanks all -- gonna kick Mr9 out of WoW, Miss6 off XtraNormal and Mr4 our the fridge - time for the beach
[21:16] Pennae DeCuir: but in games we often lose points (eg damage/health/etc.) as well as gain them... this rarely happens in edu environments. maybe it should
[21:16] slammed Aabye: cya Henny
[21:16] Discoverer Tomorrow is Online
[21:16] Henny Zimer: bye
[21:16] Pennae DeCuir: even in harry potter they lose points!
[21:16] Sapphire Ceawlin: environment is live moderated, picking up any problematic communications, but also exemplary communications too
[21:16] jokay Wollongong: Thanks for coming Slammed! seeya soon ;)
[21:16] slammed Aabye is Offline
[21:17] Douglas Rishmal is Online
[21:17] jokay Wollongong: the rewards system in gaming is an interesting area.... for those who might have come to my AFLF session a few weeks back... you know all this..
[21:17] Rob Merchi: saw a good TED talk on using gaming terminology in education ...
[21:17] jokay Wollongong: But check out Urgent Evoke.. and also the work of Jane McGonigal re: how gaming will save the world..
[21:17] Sapphire Ceawlin: students may work in world at school and at home
[21:17] Pennae DeCuir: and James Paul Gee :)
[21:17] Rob Merchi: leveling up (aka passing) ... participating to earn rewards etc
[21:17] jokay Wollongong: video here
[21:18] Wonko Whizenhunt: might head off, real world calls
[21:18] Rob Merchi: thanks jo
[21:18] Wonko Whizenhunt: nice to meet you all
[21:18] Sapphire Ceawlin: these are real world problems/challenges/projects
[21:18] jokay Wollongong: Thanks for coming Wonko! seeya in the metaverse soon ;)
[21:18] Pennae DeCuir: me three! lunch time!! thanks all, see you in the twittersphere :)
[21:18] Ackygirl Trilling: by wonko
[21:18] jokay Wollongong: Ciao Pennae.. thanks for being here ;)
[21:19] Sapphire Ceawlin: for maths the students have to manage a bicycle company
[21:19] Sapphire Ceawlin: units will take 5 to 8 weeks
[21:19] Pandora Kurrajong is Offline
[21:19] Sapphire Ceawlin: missions may take around 2 weeks
[21:19] Sapphire Ceawlin: students aged 9 years to 16 years
[21:20] Sapphire Ceawlin: any questions fro SL about QA or worlds?
[21:21] jokay Wollongong: I'll post the chat on the jokaydia wiki for anyone who wants to refer back... open for all to add additional links ;)
[21:21] Discoverer Tomorrow is Offline
[21:21] jokay Wollongong: Key one is how people can get involved sapphy... when is bron's next newbie teacher meet?
[21:21] Tsuyoshi Kleinberg: Reaction Grid, SL, Quest Atlantis - which is preferred for education / shcools?
[21:22] jokay Wollongong: I would say all three Tsuyoshi... i see SL as a great space for prof dev and teacher collaboration.... ReactionGRID great for teens..
[21:22] jokay Wollongong: along with other opensim options..
[21:22] jokay Wollongong: and QA great as the starter world for younger kids
[21:23] Tsuyoshi Kleinberg: so is QA more aimed at primary?
[21:23] Henny Zimer: works for middle school
[21:23] Henny Zimer: too
[21:23] Henny Zimer: @tsuyoshi
[21:23] jokay Wollongong: QA is 9-16 right?
[21:23] Henny Zimer: I teach middle school gifted
[21:23] Henny Zimer: yes 9-16
[21:23] Henny Zimer: my kids are aged 12-14
[21:24] Tsuyoshi Kleinberg: thx :)
[21:24] jokay Wollongong: ooo yes can hear you ;)
[21:24] Rob Merchi: we can hear again
[21:24] jokay Wollongong: and their back!.. hehe ;)
[21:24] Rob Merchi: is that in RG
[21:25] jokay Wollongong: and for those inworld.. let me know if you need a tour of reactiongrid ;)
[21:25] Ackygirl Trilling: yes pls jo
[21:25] Mazarine Rhode: yep, count me in too jo
[21:25] jokay Wollongong: yup.. i will publish some times on the blog..
[21:26] jokay Wollongong: Sapphy is multitasking.. hair is secondary.. hehe
[21:26] Henny Zimer: i am teacherman79
[21:26] Barbara Maven: << @mintie
[21:26] jokay Wollongong: Henny has been sharing re: QA.. and we've been talking about some of the key issues for educators inworld
[21:26] jokay Wollongong: @jokay @jokaydiaGrid
[21:26] Ute Frenburg: rekaloan on twitter
[21:26] Sapphire Ceawlin: @heyjudeonline
[21:27] Sapphire Ceawlin: i am @APKC
[21:27] Ackygirl Trilling is Offline
[21:27] jokay Wollongong: @BronSt for Bron ;)
[21:27] Sapphire Ceawlin: I am the newbie and murcha on twitter
[21:27] Henny Zimer: @deangroom for slammed aabye
[21:28] Dave Koi is Offline
[21:28] Sapphire Ceawlin: Jess McCulloch (Mazarine Rhode) = @jessmcculloch on twitter
[21:28] jokay Wollongong: Questions, Questions.
[21:28] jokay Wollongong: Woot Bron.. that was n earlier ;)
[21:28] jokay Wollongong: I wannna do Taiga!.. lolz
[21:28] Henny Zimer: ingolstadt...
[21:28] Henny Zimer: is the best
[21:28] Tsuyoshi Kleinberg: I am ajep on twitter
[21:29] Barbara Maven: that's amazing
[21:30] jokay Wollongong: jokaydiaGRID! ;)
[21:30] Henny Zimer: jokaydiagrid
[21:30] Henny Zimer: yeah...
[21:30] jokay Wollongong: for the wiki..
[21:30] Henny Zimer: many zimers are already there
[21:30] jokay Wollongong: We will do an RG session on Wed next week..
[21:30] jokay Wollongong: evening..
[21:30] jokay Wollongong: SL session later in the week ;)
[21:30] Henny Zimer: i am doing a camp next summer
[21:31] Dale Luna is Offline
[21:31] jokay Wollongong: jokaydiaGRID is PG like ReactionGRID..
[21:31] Henny Zimer: along with a quest atlantis camp...
[21:31] Ackygirl Trilling is Online
[21:31] Henny Zimer: my two sons are playing in jokaydia grid
[21:31] Isa Goodman is Online
[21:32] jokay Wollongong: hehe... Henny's boys are our very first kids on jokaydiaGRID... very exciting! ;)
[21:32] jokay Wollongong: made my month to see them building away there.. hehe
[21:32] Henny Zimer: my sons are 11 and 13...
[21:33] jokay Wollongong: hehe.. think there are some avatar getting hungry too.. hehe
[21:33] EQ: How are you everyone?
[21:33] jokay Wollongong: Hi EQ ;)
[21:33] Henny Zimer: bed time in montana
[21:33] Henny Zimer: night
[21:33] jokay Wollongong: chat log will be @
[21:33] Rob Merchi: night teacherman
[21:33] jokay Wollongong: i'll publish it in the next 15mins ;)
[21:33] Henny Zimer: thanks bron...
[21:33] Henny Zimer: great session
[21:33] Barbara Maven: 'night Henny :)
[21:34] Henny Zimer: gnite..
[21:34] jokay Wollongong: thanks henny!.. you rock! ;)
[21:34] Tsuyoshi Kleinberg: night Henny
[21:34] EQ: What's the topic for the day, as a late comer?
[21:35] jokay Wollongong: well we're just finishing up EQ as our real life participants go off to the next sessons at the conf in melbourne..
[21:35] jokay Wollongong: but i'll publish the chat shortly.. we've been having a general chat about virtual worlds for education
[21:35] Ackygirl Trilling is Offline
[21:35] Henny Zimer is Offline
[21:35] EQ: I see. Thanks