jokaydia's Henny-Fest! 19 - 21 June 2009

Our friend Henny Zimer aka Jeff Agemenoni and his family are in Australia... and visiting us all in Sydney from the 19-21 June. We'll also have the lovely Pandora, Sapphire and Annabel travelling to Sydney to visit too - so it really is a Henny-Fest! ;)

Below are some SUGGESTED OPTIONS for entertainment/fun/stuff to do during the weekend. Vote for your preferences below by adding your name to the YAY! column or add suggestions!

Friday 19 June 2009
Pandora and Sapphy and Annabel are arriving in the MORNING and will travel from the airport to hotel together(?) Jo arriving lunchtime from Wollongong. slammed and family? Hey Jude?

Groom Fam in Sydney all day, meet in Jeffs Hotel 6.30pm lobby, get Ferry from Circular Quay to Darling Harbour, dinner in China Town/DH where ever. Kids will be worn out by 10.30pm max.

Annabel arriving in morning at 830 on Friday. is going to Sylvia's for the night. Will see you guys in the morning.

On Saturday AA in Newtown from 3 - 8

I will just catch up with you guys - do not chnage any plans for me.

Any activities fine for me when AA there - as long it doesn;t involve hurting small children or animals.
Friday 19 June 2009
Gallery of NSW - Double Take Exhibit
(Free, 10am - 5pm)

Friday 19 June 2009
Dinner - maybe Chinatown?

Jeff and Family will arrive approx. 5:00 on a bus...chinese sounds flippin fantastic

Yay Chinese! says KerryJ Angie says Yay Chinese!
Jude is very unlucky - missing dinner - family celebration on. But you should go to Chinta Ria for dinner at Darling Harbour - Temple of Love!
Saturday 20 June 2009
Bridge Climb (1.75km Discover Bridge Walk, $199 per adult, starting at 10am or 12pm) See: - need to make booking for this one!!!!!

NOTE: Only kids 10years and older can climb the bridge

Dean and KerryJ very afraid of heights...Jude HATES heights. Angie hates heights and heights hate her back!! NOPE.
Saturday or Sunday
Harbour Cruise / Ferry Trip

Option 1: Ferry Trip to Cockatoo Island - see: (Ferry: Adults $10, Kids $5 )

Option 2: Breakfast Cruise on Sydney Harbour Link (approx $50 per head) - need to make booking for this one!!!!!

Option 3: Ferry Trip to Manly for lunch/shopping/exploring Link (Ferry: Adults $10, Kids $5)

Sounds great! says KerryJ. All the options sound great! Cockatoo Island new territory for Angie

Note: Tallship adventure (Dean's idea) woulda been awesome.. but we needed to book it 6mths ago! ;( Grrrr). Like the idea of Manly ride...
Saturday 20 June 20009
AFL Game: Sydney Vs Collingwood at (Starts at 7pm. Adults $65, Kids $45, Family $175) - need to make booking for this one!!!!!

Dislike footie -- sorry - KerryJ. Jude's hubby is at footy! I don't like to go :-( Not a footy fan - but might be cool for henny etal as cultural experience...
Those not going to footie and over 18 can hang around the apartment, drink wine, nibble on gourmet goodies!

Jeff, wife, and kids say be like a pro game in the states...
There are cheaper tickets - silver non-drinking maybe.
Grooms never been to see sports ever! lolz, but crowd good as Ashton can run about and winge and no one will care. Kids get shitty after 7.30pm
Saturday or Sunday
The Rocks Markets (Explore the markets and have lunch somewhere in the Rocks?)

Love 'em! KerryJ says.
Jude loves markets. Angie loves markets
Saturday or Sunday
Explore Circular Quay and visit the Opera House (walking - lots of places to eat at Circular Quay too)

Never gets old for me! KerryJ says. And for Jude. Cool for Angie
This is what agamenoni family would love to do...
and a cheap harbor cruise whenever...
Saturday or Sunday
Visit Taronga Zoo (Adults $41, Kids $20 / 9am-5pm)

Love Zoos KerryJ says.. Jude loves zoo too. Angie loves zoos three. Zoo okay (depends on weather massively). Grooms like the zoo - but wears kids out, prefer Powerhouse as kids love Zoes World.
Saturday or Sunday
Visit Wildlife World and/or the Aquarium at Darling Harbour (Adults $50, Kids $30 / 9am - 6pm)

Have ALWAYS wanted to visit the Aquarium!!! Can we? Please??? KerryJ pleads. good for Jude. Angie always loves a good aquarium. Agadoos did Aquariaum at Maloolbah (better anyway).
Saturday or Sunday
Visit the Powerhouse Museum (Adults $10, Kids $5 / 10am - 5pm)

Have always wanted to visit this museum!!! KerryJ says and this too for Jude. and three for Angie. Powerhouse good option for crap weather.

BREAKFAST - Pyrmont (Harris Street) - Lots of cafes.

Manly Ferry Ride
- easy way to see the harbour (Friday/Saturday/Sunday??)

Cafe lunch (but ponsy)

Luna Park Ferry Ride (good for kids Friday/Sat Night if Jeff wants to go Edublogging at Night)

Should we just pick up a case of wine to cover libations for the weekend?

What about a car pool to go to the Blue Mountains? Fabulous views, cable car, skyway, railway etc. Plus the Three Sisters. Not sure about costs.

Jo thinks cool idea.. but long drive and too cold up there!! ;)

sounds good too...but Henny has no car...and family doesn;t want to drive anymore...
Train Ride to Gosford (then Sydney Reptile Park, dinner at Terrigal Sunday Night, then Dean can drop off the Agadoos in the City) - but 2 hours of trains/car.

YumCha in Chinatown Noon for eatings.