The Islands of jokaydia Community of Practice is planning an In-World Unconference which will will occur on the Islands of jokaydia from 27-28th September 2008. Please add your details below if you would like to be involved in this exciting event!

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According to wikipedia, an unconference is a: conference where the content of the sessions is driven and created by the participants. Generally, unconference style events are community organised, informal and social events where participants provide the content and facilitation for the event.

The jokaydia Unconference has been designed inline with barcamp facilitation strategies, and is aimed at providing and a more informal, social and collaborative conference experience in Second Life.


Everyone! The jokaydia Unconference has been designed to provide an opportunity for those working in virtual worlds to come together to share and collaborate. If you have a great idea, a fantastic project or a brilliant artwork, we'd love to hear from you!

We would also welcome support in managing the event, and providing some newbie events and experiences throughout the weekend.

For further information please feel free to contact Jo Kay - IM jokay wollongong in Second Life or email: joannamkay@gmail.com.


The jokaydia Unconference Sessions are yet to be planned - and it's up to you!

Participants are invited to propose sessions based around the following themes:
  • Virtual Worlds for Education: innovation, creativity and social learning! Second Life Educators are invited to share their projects, success stories and research. Educators working in any virtual world are welcome to share their work!
  • Innovation in eLearning: Educators are invited to share their innovative work in any area of eLearning.
  • Arts and Culture in Second Life: Artists and Designers are invited to share their work as part of our Unconference Exhibition and via discussions and workshops.
  • Networked Community - Merging SL and RL

Please add your proposed session in the jokaydia Unconference Session Plans section below.




Throughout the Unconference, visitors who are new to Second Life will be welcomed at the Islands of jokaydia Newbie Garden for a virtual coffee and some support! jokaydia Community Members will be on-hand to provide you with tips and tricks on using Second Life, plus some groovy resources for your new avatar!

The Newbie Cafe will be staffed officially from 11am - 3pm ( SLT. Check your local time here) on both days of the conference.

To participate teleport to theIslands of jokaydia Newbie Gardens (SLurl).


At the end of what we expect will be a jam-packed weekend of events, we invite everyone to join us for some virtual champagne and dancing!

The party will be held from 8:30pm - 10pm AEST on Sunday 28th September 2008. (Check Your Local Times Here).
Teleport to Edusquare to join the event (SLurl).


If you'd like to help manage the event, we'd love to hear from you! We will be holding an event management meeting inworld shortly.

Please add your name and areas you are interested in below:
  • Jo Kay. SL: jokay Wollongong. Contact: joannamkay(at)gmail.com
  • Judy O'Connell. SL: Heyjude Jenns. Contact: heyjudeonline (at) gmail.com
  • KerryJ. SL: Pandora Kurrajong. Machinima, promotions, newbie hand holding. Contact: kerryank (at) gmail.com
  • Bron Stuckey (aka Bron Bloxome) - I am keen to be involved and volunteering to assist.


We'd love support from everyone in promoting this event! If you would like to share a link or post on your blog, please do so! ;)

You can download various jokaydia Unconference promo logos here.


For information and updates on the jokaydia Unconference, keep an eye on this wiki. However, you can also stay up to date by: