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The jokaydia Ventrillo tools have been setup to provide us with an additional voice channel when working in opensimulator and gaming environments. It is a simple tool that allows voice communication and is really easy to setup!

To join in on events and sessions using our Ventrillo tools, simply follow the instructions below!

jokaydia.guildvent.net Status

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What is Ventrillo?

Ventrillo is a Voice Over IP (VOIP ) tool which allows user to talk to each other in an online conference similar to a traditional telephone conference. To use the service, users install the Ventrilo client and connect to a Ventrillo server to participate in the call.

Ventrillo is often used by gamers and virtual worlds users as it is a simple, and light-weight tool which can be used in tandem with other software (eg. your WoW Client, Opensim viewer etc.)

Although we usually use native voice tools when we are in Second Life and jokaydiaGRID, we have established this Ventrillo channel as a backup tool for our opensim projects and also for use during gaming adventures!

How to Connect to the jokaydia Ventrillo Server

Follow the steps below to get started. You can also view a screencast tutorial on setting up Ventrillo here .

Step 1: Download and Install the Ventrillo Client Software!


Step 2: Start up your Ventrilo software

Run the Ventrilo software either from the icon on your desktop or from your start menu. This is the basic Ventrillo interface:


Step 3: Setting up a Ventrilo username


  1. Click on the top -> arrow next to 'User Name'
  2. Create your username by clicking on the 'New Button'. A window will pop up where you can enter the username you want others to identify you with when you log onto their Ventrilo server.
  3. Click ok to return to the "Setup User" box. It should show your new username in the top left.
  4. Click ok to continue.

Step 4: Add the jokaydia Ventrilo server to the list

Click on the second -> arrow, to setup the jokaydia Ventrillo server settings.

  1. Setup the jokaydia Ventrillo Server details
    • Name: jokaydia.guildvent.net
    • Host or IP: vent116.light-speed.com
    • Port: 4273
    • Password: Not required

Step 5: Connect to the server! Phew! Finally!


  • Click the Connect button on the right hand side of Ventrilo to connect to the server and join the conversation!

Other Setup Tips - Setting Up Your Headset and Microphone


To setup your voice tools:
  1. Click on the setup button "Voice" tab
  2. On the top right you have an input and an output select box, choose the device that match your headset and microphone
  3. You should also enable the 'Push to Talk' key and select your preferred option.
  4. Click apply to save your settings.external image Tattoodesigns.jpg