jokaydia's May Unconference 2010

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jokaydia's will be holding TWO Unconference Weekends in during 2010, and the first will be happening from 28 - 30 May 2010! It will be held on the Islands of jokaydia in Second Life, at jokaydia@ReactionGRID and on our new space - the jokaydiaGRID! Join us for open discussions, social events and fun in jokaydia's little corner of the metaverse!

And remember .... Unconferences are about PARTICIPATION! We need YOU! to help us make this a great event!

Get Involved!

Click on the links for more info or to volunteer to help:

About the jokaydia Unconference!

The jokaydia Unconference is a free event which provides professional development and networking opportunities for educators, artists and online facilitators who are exploring innovative strategies, spaces and technologies for learning art and social change. It is a self-organising event which is supported by jokaydia Community of Practice.

The aim of our annual Unconference is to celebrate the year's discoveries and achievements and to invite virtual worlds pioneers, inventors and explorers to share their work... and yes we mean you!!! Propose a presentation, workshop, roleplay, game or panel session, lead a tour or come dance with us at a social event.

Unconference Themes - Virtual Worlds, Games & Collaboration for Innovation, Education & Social Change!

This year we'd like to encourage participants to focus on virtual worlds and games and how they can be used to save the world! Are you doing something in virtual worlds or games that is making a difference in your school, community or comany? We'd love to hear from you!

Ideas for sessions could include:

  • Give a presentation on recent virtual worlds project or initiative
  • Run a workshop which demonstrates a tool or strategy you're using
  • Lead a discussion on a hot topic or convene a panel session
  • Teach a building or scripting class and share your virtual worlds skills
  • Create a roleplay or immersive activity for participants to visit during the unconference
  • Run a newbie event for new resident
  • Create an exhibit or display to share at the unconference

.....or whatever crazy virtual scheme that you've come up with!

We'll provide you with a venue for your proposed session, some support and training on facilitation in virtual worlds and of course lots of support during the big event! This is a great opportunity to share new work, get some feedback from an enthusiastic audience or practice your virtual worlds facilitation skills!

How to Contribute

To start collaborating with us to create the jokaydia Unconference, simply join the wiki and have your say! If you're new to wikispaces, you'll find some great help files here!

Twittering the Event

As well as inworld group tools, the jokaydia blog and our facebook channels, we will be using Twitter to share the jokaydia Unconference. When tweeting, please use the #hashtag 'jokaydiaunconf'. To keep up to date simply follow @jokay.

Tagging the Event!

Help us record the event! Please feel free to take photos, share machinima, record the audio or tweet your notes on the Unconference sessions!

To help us keep track, you can use the jokaydia Unconference tag... which is 'jokaydiaUnconf'!