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Help us compile some resources for educators who are new to ReactionGrid.... and get your burning question answered at our upcoming EduMeet with the ReactionGrid team.

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Q. What is Hypergrid and how does it basically work?

Q. What are the different hosting options? Public? Mars? Please explain!

Q. Unity? What options does it offer? (I'd love to hear more about Unity from a "newbie" point of view. What it means for Gridizens and those with private sims. Would it be good for students to use to create areas/worlds?)

Q. Are there options to move the landing point from 128,128, height?

Q. Is it possible to 'bulk' create a set of avatars - ie John ACES201 - to enroll a class into a sim

Q. Can you also give us more details about the Custom Avatar Registration System? Can it be used with private sims too?

Q. Can you tell us about the concept of "Ninja Physics" and how we can make use of it? Can it be used on private sims too?

Q. Can you tell us about some of the future developments that are "on the cards" for ReactionGrid?

Q. Can you connect a sim on your own computer to RG so you could teleport out to RG and others could TP in to your sim? How much would that cost?

Q. What are some of the lessons learned with the NetGenEd Awards virtual meeting that was organised with Vicki Davis of Flat Classroom fame? (Steve Madsen).

ChatLog - 15 November 2009

Please note: This chatlog was posted with permission of participants. Please contact jokay if you have any queries.

[2:33] jokay Wollongong: Ok.. so we'll give it another 5 or so for peeps to make it inworld..
[2:33] jokay Wollongong: but thanks so much for coming all.. great to seeya inworld..
[2:33] Niniel Laviolette is Online
[2:33] Steve Collis: Is there an equivalent to a slurl for RG?
[2:33] Avasari Buninyong: A Gurl? ;)
[2:33] Chris Hart: inworld only Steve
[2:33] jokay Wollongong: annnd.. if you havent already submitted your burning questions for the fabulous RG team..
[2:33] Steve Collis: lol
[2:33] jokay Wollongong: speak now! ;)
[2:34] jokay Wollongong: You'll see I've posted the Q's we got up on the noticeboards..
[2:34] jokay Wollongong: or you can view em on the qiki..
[2:34] jokay Wollongong: wiki!
[2:34] Chris Hart: you can give out inworld links using the slurl style syntax, but the slurl:// handler is hardwired to Second Life
[2:34] for Jokaydia meeting teleport-QA for educators and others
[2:34] Steve Collis: I love the questions as listed. Still intending on setting up with RG in 2010
[2:34] Robin Gomboy: only if you are in-world when you pass the link - slurls are exactly the same as on SL - they just don't work from the outside world to get in
[2:34] jokay Wollongong:
[2:34] Chris Hart: thank Kyle :)
[2:34] Robin Gomboy: they will send you to SL instead - lol
[2:34] Chris Hart: grid broadcast messages are very handy :)
[2:34] Kyle G: yes any last minute questions feel free we'll start in just a few after making sure all find their way here
[2:34] Kyle G: hah yes
[2:35] Kyle G: thanks to CHris's web admin easy too
[2:35] Teachernz Murfin: in Uncle D's bistro too
[2:35] :: Iain Macbeth enters Jokaydia (now 11 visitors in this region)
[2:35] Steve Collis: hummm one last question - is it too ambitious to hope to have 25 avatars handles smoothly in a RG region?
[2:35] Heyjude Online: yes. a class of kids is what's needed.
[2:35] Heyjude Online: hoping always hopeing :-)
[2:36] Kyle G: Steve on this sims plan its 10-15 officially
[2:36] Chris Hart: not too ambitious at all - does depend on the underlying resources and the general load from scripts, textures etc. on the rest of the region
[2:36] Kyle G: we've done much more
[2:36] Jass Easterman is Online
[2:36] Kyle G: but we like to keep expections low and surprise
[2:36] Kyle G: ntohing stops you from pushing the limits hehe
[2:36] Robin Gomboy: well yes - we have accomodated more than 25on a public RG region before but our recommendation is 10-15 on Rg regions
[2:37] Avasari Buninyong: Is that the same for private sims?
[2:37] Steve Collis: nothing stops my Year 8s from pushing the limits. I expect them all to attach large houses to their avatars and dance around like nutters
[2:37] Iain Macbeth is Online
[2:37] Kyle G: no they are 25+
[2:37] Sapphire Ceawlin: we seem to experience difficulty after about 20 minutes in world - is that common?
[2:37] Robin Gomboy: no - on private sims you can fit as many as the RAM/CPU allotment can handle
[2:37] Chris Hart: private sims could be higher - we have managed 50 on a private 2 region world before
[2:37] Teachernz Murfin: I'll drop out and give my attention to Uncle D... back later
[2:37] Kyle G: not really Sapphire in general I can leave an avatar in for days, what client are you using?
[2:37] :: Teachernz Murfin leaves Jokaydia (back to 10 visitors in this region)
[2:37] Avasari Buninyong: Awesome, thank you :)
[2:37] Sapphire Ceawlin: SL
[2:38] Heyjude Online: does Mars allow more?
[2:38] Robin Gomboy: need more coffe - BRB - 5am on SUnday - why am I out of bed??? :)
[2:38] jokay Wollongong: Yay Robin.. sending caffeiney vibes.. hehehe
[2:38] Chris Hart: on Mars you can choose how many regions to put on your server
[2:38] Kyle G: Mars has been safely tested to 25+ on the base plan
[2:38] Kyle G: we have load tested to 50
[2:38] Heyjude Online: great!
[2:38] Chris Hart: if you concentrated all power into one region you can give more power to that one space
[2:38] Kyle G: on the base Mars
[2:39] Kyle G: and 65-100 on Magellan
[2:39] :: Arif Emor enters Jokaydia (now 11 visitors in this region)
[2:39] Heyjude Online: wow..
[2:39] :: Nikko Hepzipig enters Jokaydia (now 12 visitors in this region)
[2:39] Heyjude Online: magellan sounds great
[2:39] Chris Hart: yes we got 65 pretty easily on a magellan
[2:39] :: Jass Easterman enters Jokaydia (now 13 visitors in this region)
[2:39] Kyle G: Chris has a Gridchat now
[2:39] Chris Hart: just ran out of testers
[2:39] :: Ally Zeminoba enters Jokaydia (now 14 visitors in this region)
[2:39] Spirit Oberts is Online
[2:39] jokay Wollongong: i think magellan will work really well for alot of schools
[2:39] Robin Gomboy: but we have some surprises coming in the next few months that will blow those numbers out of the water - we just can't devulge any info at the moment
[2:39] Chris Hart: yes! I can deploy one here if you want to see how it works
[2:39] Heyjude Online: sounds perfect for sure Jo
[2:39] Kyle G: so you can do the multi sim event thing with 4 sims or whatever layout
[2:40] Chris Hart: shall I get a chat bridge in place?
[2:40] Heyjude Online: oooh, fabulous Kyle. great work.
[2:40] Kyle G: also we have the $275 firewall plan, 1 time fee if you have your own server
[2:40] Robin Gomboy: gorgeous dress! Ally!
[2:40] Kyle G: or you can make a copy of Mars and run it locally, all sorts of options
[2:40] jokay Wollongong: go for it chris ;)
[2:40] :: Chat bridge ON!
[2:40] Kyle G: ooh beautiful!
[2:40] Chris Hart: we are now bridged with
[2:40] Chris Hart: and I believe with the sky cinema on Core4 sim that Ileft turned on after last night
[2:41] Chris Hart: and with CodeTorque's pool
[2:41] Chris Hart: :)
[2:41] Steve Collis: Can I tweet that chat link Chris?
[2:41] jokay Wollongong: ooo ally gets the fashion award tonight.. ;)
[2:41] Chris Hart: yes feel free Steve
[2:41] :: Chris Hart (Web): hello world
[2:41] :: Sapphire Ceawlin (Web): has joined.
[2:41] Chris Hart: then outworlders can join in too
[2:41] Kyle G: yes so you can chat from here to any other sim , yes Jokay thats awesome
[2:41] Ally Zeminoba: I thought I should dress up...big night!!! :-)
[2:41] Kyle G: haha hello web!
[2:41] Chris Hart: Ally that is a stunning dress
[2:41] Nikko Hepzipig: Ally where did you find it
[2:42] Kyle G: ok so Jokay should I start out with a small hello then the first official question then do a QA at the end locally?
[2:42] :: Avasari Buninyong (Web): has joined.
[2:42] :: Heyjude Online (Web): has joined.
[2:42] :: Steve Collis (Web): leaves.
[2:42] Kyle G: hello web users!
[2:42] :: Sapphire Ceawlin (Web): sounds good
[2:42] jokay Wollongong: hehe... i think that's a plan Kyle.. and i'd like to start by..
[2:42] :: Heyjude Online (Web): web friendly! wow!
[2:42] :: Chris Hart (Web): the web is here for those who can't be inworld with us today :)
[2:43] jokay Wollongong: thanking the RG team for taking the time (at ungodly hours) to share their expert knowledge with us! ;)
[2:43] jokay Wollongong: And also lovely to seeyou all here ;)
[2:43] :: Avasari Buninyong (Web): Nice feature, thx Chris :)
[2:43] Kyle G: oh no problem to be honest its so exciting to be able to work globally
[2:43] :: Chat bridge OFF!
[2:43] Kyle G: and this is the new way to collaborate, anytime, anywhere
[2:43] :: Chat bridge ON!
[2:43] :: Avasari Buninyong (Web): leaves.
[2:44] Kyle G: so we're flexible!
[2:44] Robin Gomboy: very flexible
[2:44] jokay Wollongong: OOo.. one thing i should say for everyone at the beginning.. is we will be publishing a chatlog..
[2:44] Sapphire Ceawlin: ty
[2:44] Kyle G: perfect!
[2:44] jokay Wollongong: if you DONT want your comments included..
[2:44] jokay Wollongong: please IM me..
[2:44] jokay Wollongong: otherwise i'll assume that's ok for everyone ;)
[2:44] Chris Hart: the web chat also records conversations too, so same for that system
[2:44] Kyle G: super
[2:45] Kyle G: SO I'll start top to bottom
[2:45] jokay Wollongong: So without futher ado.. welcome everyone.. and take it away kyle.. ;)
[2:45] Kyle G: interrupt anytime
[2:45] Steve Collis: All the better!!! <mental note to self: don't confess dark secret OR where I buried the...> oh hello everyone
[2:45] :: Chat bridge ON!
[2:45] Kyle G: Q. What is Hypergrid and how does it basically work?
[2:45] Niniel Laviolette is Online
[2:45] Jass Easterman is Online
[2:45] Kyle G: Hypergrid is a technology for travelling between opensim based worlds
[2:46] :: Reactivity Tester enters Jokaydia (now 14 visitors in this region)
[2:46] Kyle G: it allows you to travel from say this world to anyother world looking as you do with your own inventory
[2:46] :: Jass Easterman enters Jokaydia (now 15 visitors in this region)
[2:46] Kyle G: It like opensim itself is experimental technology still
[2:46] :: Jackie Gerstein (Web): has joined.
[2:46] Kyle G: and should be used with very trusted partners only
[2:46] :: Reactivity Tester leaves Jokaydia (back to 14 visitors in this region)
[2:47] jokay Wollongong: But ooo the possibilities.. so i can take my virtual backpack with me..
[2:47] :: Felix Techie enters Jokaydia (now 15 visitors in this region)
[2:47] Kyle G: but has allowed schools to safely come out from their firewalls and see other worlds without logins other than their own local ones
[2:47] Kyle G: yes!
[2:47] jokay Wollongong: and go visit my friends on other spaces.. perfect for schools collaborating
[2:47] Kyle G: and amongst a school or university campus/network
[2:47] Chris Hart: yes you can go visit your friends :)
[2:47] Chris Hart: it has its quirks - it's very new
[2:47] Chris Hart: but it is the future
[2:47] Kyle G: you could have many nodes to hypergrid too
[2:47] Kyle G: the thing it illustrates the most
[2:48] jokay Wollongong: Indeed.. its def a very exciting development for us to keep watching..
[2:48] Kyle G: is opensims willingness to embrace other worlds and ideas by connecting to them
[2:48] jokay Wollongong: and im just adding it now to our list of jokaydia experiments in the works.. teehee
[2:48] :: Niniel Laviolette enters Jokaydia (now 16 visitors in this region)
[2:48] :: Short Hair (Web): has joined.
[2:48] Kyle G: whereas some others worlds say they want to conenct but havent done much
[2:48] Robin Gomboy: if you have a large inventory we suggest using an alt with a light load to use HyperGrid - makes it more likely you will arrive at your destination wihout much delays
[2:48] :: Steve Collis (Web): What happens behind the scenes with hypergrid? Which server is controlling it? Or is just the userbase that is shared?
[2:48] Chris Hart: you arrive as a guest
[2:48] jokay Wollongong: makes so much sense robin
[2:49] Arif Emor: ....good to know about inventory
[2:49] Avasari Buninyong: Thx for the tip Robin :)
[2:49] Robin Gomboy: thank Chris for that tip - she taught me well
[2:49] Kyle G: I defer to Chris on this
[2:49] Chris Hart: if you travel too far from your landing point, sometimes you lose the connection to your home asset server
[2:49] :: Steve Collis (Web): I mean, if I link my space to Avasari's space - it just means my userbase suddenly has credentials, right?
[2:49] Chris Hart: no you never actually appear in the user database at the destination
[2:49] Chris Hart: you just turn up in the region as a visitor with a little tag over your head
[2:49] Kyle G: It means your grids user server will accept authentication from another grid
[2:49] Heyjude Online: Yes, I lost some of my stuff :-) but my tour guides explained.
[2:49] Robin Gomboy: exactly - you arrive as a guest
[2:49] Kyle G: instead of its own local authentiction only
[2:50] Kyle G: so theres no new account
[2:50] Heyjude Online: It's a very exciting experience to 'jump worlds'
[2:50] :: Nikko Hepzipig enters Jokaydia (now 13 visitors in this region)
[2:50] :: Steve Collis (Web): Gotcha. So the native server is still doing all the work. If I have visitors, my server is working double time.
[2:50] :: Steve Collis (Web): It's like OpenID?
[2:50] :: Jass Easterman enters Jokaydia (now 14 visitors in this region)
[2:50] Jass Easterman is Online
[2:50] Robin Gomboy: my 4 month old kitten is laying on the screen with the avatars - lol - she loves your dress Ally
[2:50] Chris Hart: it never goes that far actually Steve
[2:50] Kyle G: yes in a way but not as mature
[2:50] Steve Collis is Online
[2:50] :: Steve Collis enters Jokaydia (now 15 visitors in this region)
[2:50] jokay Wollongong: awww too cute.. pat kitteh for me ;)
[2:50] Chris Hart: at the moment your home authenticates you
[2:50] Kyle G: or as strong
[2:51] Chris Hart: the destination just accepts temporary guests
[2:51] Chris Hart: but they are very quickly forgotten
[2:51] :: Steve Collis (Web): It is very very very exciting for education... we can run shared events.
[2:51] Chris Hart: so if you want to visit, it's perfect
[2:51] Kyle G: exactly Steve!
[2:51] Chris Hart: if you want to stay longer, yo ucan get a local account
[2:51] Sapphire Ceawlin: so any unventory items that get "lost" are still on your own server??
[2:51] :: Steve Collis (Web): Chris, can the visitors leave artefacts behing?
[2:51] Chris Hart: you can take items with you and drop them at destination
[2:51] :: Steve Collis (Web): or behind even?
[2:51] Chris Hart: and I would say that works 60-70% of the time
[2:51] Kyle G: disparate schools can link for one time events then go back to private
[2:52] :: Niniel Laviolette enters Jokaydia (now 16 visitors in this region)
[2:52] Niniel Laviolette is Online
[2:52] Chris Hart: somteims not all items make it
[2:52] :: Steve Collis (Web): So worst case scenario the visitor drops a self-replicating borg drone? Or a porn texture.
[2:52] Sapphire Ceawlin: so they are lost completely?
[2:52] Chris Hart: yes that's worst case
[2:52] Chris Hart: Sapphire - sometimes you will end up with items listed that don't actually exist
[2:52] Kyle G: the downside is it is not 100% reliable, similar to any teleport really, can be hit or miss, but the creator is a genius and constantly improving it
[2:52] Chris Hart: which is a bit of a pain
[2:53] Sapphire Ceawlin: @Chris kk
[2:53] Kyle G: Steve that could happen if you link to the wrong grid
[2:53] Robin Gomboy: wow Niniel - that is an incredible dress - welcome!
[2:53] :: Steve Collis (Web): I actually love the 60% chance - makes it very exciting!
[2:53] Chris Hart: it's kinda fun :)
[2:53] Kyle G: but keep in mind you can disable/enable anytime
[2:53] :: Nathan Burgess (Web): has joined.
[2:53] Kyle G: lol
[2:53] Chris Hart: I _might_ have picked up some new hair, I might not
[2:53] :: Steve Collis (Web): Hi there Nathan!
[2:53] Robin Gomboy: is like gambling to see if you make it to the destination- lol
[2:53] Niniel Laviolette: hi everyone
[2:53] Chris Hart: welcome Nathan :)
[2:53] Chris Hart: haha yes
[2:53] jokay Wollongong: Welcome web peeps.. hi nathan! ;)
[2:53] Kyle G: we help you protect against such issues with easy backups and our own backups we do for you each day
[2:53] Niniel Laviolette: :) thx robin
[2:53] Kyle G: haha
[2:54] :: Ally Zeminoba (Web): Hi Nin!!!
[2:54] Avasari Buninyong: Hi NLB :)
[2:54] Nikko Hepzipig: Hi NIn
[2:54] Chris Hart: the creator of HyperGrid is a super developer called Crista Lopez, aka Diva Canto - she's at UCI Irvine California and she is absolutely fantastic
[2:54] Kyle G: so hypergrid==world hopping fun
[2:54] :: Nathan Burgess (Web): Hey Lucy
[2:54] Chris Hart: so I expect great things from HyperGrid v2
[2:54] Robin Gomboy: wow what a crwod - love seeing all the activity
[2:54] Kyle G: so if no others on hypergrid
[2:54] Kyle G: Q. What are the different hosting options? Public? Mars? Please explain!
[2:54] jokay Wollongong: indeed.. its great to see everyone
[2:55] Kyle G: We have 1 product called Hyper-V BanBury
[2:55] Kyle G: It is basically a virtualized server, complete operating system and opensim
[2:55] Nikko Hepzipig is Online
[2:55] Kyle G: you can download it and run on your laptop, your local network, or host it with us
[2:56] Robin Gomboy: and of course the tools to help you with backups, management and more
[2:56] Avasari Buninyong: I think that might be what we have...(?)
[2:56] Kyle G: You can clone it, try various experiments, al the while have safe copies to revert too
[2:56] Chris Hart: that's it Lucy/Avasari
[2:56] Kyle G: yes Av every plan is on Hyper-V BanBury
[2:56] Kyle G: but
[2:56] Kyle G: Mars plan gives you access to the WIndows 2008 server
[2:57] Kyle G: this is where the magic is
[2:57] Kyle G: we show you how to peek at your database
[2:57] Kyle G: in an easy excel like viewer
[2:57] Kyle G: see your user accounts, search inventory for trouble items
[2:57] Kyle G: backup sims, import other sim designs
[2:57] Kyle G: share designs at will
[2:58] Kyle G: it has a built inwebserver for SLOODLE type apps
[2:58] Kyle G: to be embedded
[2:58] Kyle G: or even desktop apps, like the one Chris made to populate user data which is one of the upcoming questions
[2:59] Kyle G: you also can add users, flatten terrain, message the grid, and all this from easy to use webforms
[2:59] Kyle G: and most importantly
[2:59] Chris Hart: we have refined the platform to the point where we are bundling more and more applications with each server these days, including the custom welcome screen, registration forms, and more
[2:59] Kyle G: its YOUR server, YOUR world, even YOUR software
[2:59] Chris Hart: making it easier for you to manage things, but at the same time we're here to help you
[2:59] Kyle G: Opensim is BSD locense, so you own the code and your changes to it, the user data, everything is yours like web hosting
[3:00] jokay Wollongong: I love it.. the potentials for dedicated worlds around themes and ideas.. not just classes or institutions..
[3:00] Avasari Buninyong: All very valuable tools for schools to manage their sims :)
[3:00] Kyle G: *license
[3:00] Kyle G: exactly and we're designing templates
[3:00] Heyjude Online: you are making Virtual worlds very accessible with these developments. Fantastic.
[3:00] Kyle G: so you can choose the SLOODLE focused design
[3:00] Robin Gomboy: I use virtual machines to help with day to day management of ReactionGrid Inc too - I have setup mail servers, accounting packages and more on virtual machines just like the ones that run Opensim for ReactionGrid. Thru virtualization we keep databases isolated and it helps our operations to run more smothly
[3:00] Kyle G: or the Science based design
[3:00] Kyle G: and looking for partners to help us create these templates
[3:01] Kyle G: exactly Robin is our virtual machine pro, which allows us to be greener
[3:01] :: lizzie raff (Web): has joined.
[3:01] Kyle G: by using less servers
[3:01] Kyle G: CHris is our developer guru who keeps the code purring
[3:01] Robin Gomboy: me = IT taks
[3:01] Robin Gomboy: tasks
[3:01] Kyle G: I just try and keep up with them
[3:01] Chris Hart: :)
[3:02] Kyle G: so theres really no hosting option we dont cover
[3:02] Kyle G: ok ping me on questions there :
[3:02] Kyle G: Q. Unity? What options does it offer? (I'd love to hear more about Unity from a "newbie" point of view. What it means for Gridizens and those with private sims. Would it be good for students to use to create areas/worlds?)
[3:02] Felix Techie: :)
[3:02] Robin Gomboy: exactly - you give us a scenario and we have a solution
[3:03] Kyle G: Unity3D is our choice for creating mobile device & web browser based virtual worlds
[3:03] jokay Wollongong: great that there's range of topions.. important for edu..
[3:03] Kyle G: it basically does everything opensim doesnt do well and vice versa
[3:03] Kyle G: yes Jokay!
[3:03] Kyle G: like any other toolset
[3:03] Kyle G: you need one for each job
[3:03] Kyle G: our concept
[3:03] Kyle G: is to make it easy to try them all
[3:04] Kyle G: Chris has made it so you login to a unity world in say a webpage
[3:04] Chris Hart:
[3:04] Kyle G: with the same ReactionGrid login you used to get here
[3:04] Kyle G: and to use the webchat
[3:04] Kyle G: so if a user for example
[3:04] Kyle G: has firewall issues with Opensim
[3:04] Kyle G: you can have them login to Unity
[3:04] :: Heyjude Online (Web): Chris, you're just the genius we need :-)
[3:04] Arif Emor is Online
[3:04] Kyle G: yes she is!
[3:04] Kyle G: haha
[3:05] Avasari Buninyong: Nice :) What sort of functionality does web give u?
[3:05] Kyle G: and it runs on the same server you have for opensim
[3:05] Kyle G: great question
[3:05] Avasari Buninyong: ...In comparison to regular viewers..
[3:05] :: Heyjude Online (Web): This I have to try...we have firewall issues...big ones!
[3:05] Kyle G: it works on Iphone/Ipod Touch
[3:05] Kyle G: you can tilt the Ipod in fact to navigate
[3:06] :: Heyjude Online (Web): Is this ready to try yet?
[3:06] Kyle G: it works perfectly in a webbrowser
[3:06] :: Jass Easterman enters Jokaydia (now 16 visitors in this region)
[3:06] Jass Easterman is Online
[3:06] Arif Emor: works in Safari on iPhone? Or is there an App?
[3:06] Kyle G: yes it is!
[3:06] :: Heyjude Online (Web): have you released the App?
[3:06] Chris Hart: an app for iphone and ipod will be out soon
[3:06] Kyle G: well send youa link to try in a few
[3:06] Steve Collis: But it is not at all compatible with OpenSim??
[3:06] Chris Hart: is our demo world
[3:06] Kyle G: and it works on all platforms Mac Linux Windows plus anything that runs a full browser
[3:06] Chris Hart: there's another aspect to all this which is that some opensim developers are working on a unity-based client for opensim
[3:07] Kyle G: I embedded one in a Ning group for example
[3:07] Chris Hart: which opens more doors to portable connections to opensim
[3:07] Chris Hart: but it's a way off yet
[3:07] Kyle G: exactly! IBM has some people supporting this integration too
[3:07] Steve Collis: Unity was not created for this purpose was it? It is a 3D language that has been adaptesd for this? Amiright?
[3:07] Kyle G: so 2010 could be a beautiful blend of the 2
[3:07] Chris Hart: Unity is a game engine
[3:08] Kyle G: or they may each just serve a use case independly with light integration like logins, data sharing etc
[3:08] Chris Hart: for making 3d spaces
[3:08] Chris Hart: very much a platform that you can use to make a virtual environment
[3:08] Kyle G: yes Steve just like most of the tech virtual worlds use its all gaming based originally
[3:08] Steve Collis: Who made Unity work for multiplayer opensim-like spaces???
[3:08] Kyle G: well we are haha
[3:08] Steve Collis: well bugger me!
[3:08] Kyle G: but were providing the template really
[3:08] Kyle G: to see what youcan do
[3:08] Chris Hart: networking code in unity makes such things possible, it's putting the pieces together that's the fun part
[3:08] Kyle G: exactly
[3:09] Chris Hart: we're doing a lot of exploration to find out what we can do, and how far we can go
[3:09] Kyle G: it also use stadard 3D avatars
[3:09] Kyle G: which opens the door to more options
[3:09] Chris Hart: and mesh objects
[3:09] Kyle G: and standard 3D models
[3:09] Kyle G: the downside
[3:09] Kyle G: is the apps are richer to edit when 3rd party and so tougher at first
[3:09] Steve Collis: That is very helpful. I went to the page and got a 200mb download. I now realise I don't need this. Your unity web browser is built with unity but it isn't unity - it is a protomobileopensim
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[3:09] Al Lupton is Online
[3:09] Kyle G: more otions==tougher curve at first
[3:10] Kyle G: but we're helping there with classes
[3:10] jokay Wollongong: Hey welcome al! ;)
[3:10] Chris Hart: the web plugin for unity is quite light
[3:10] Chris Hart: the development platform is quite big :)
[3:10] Kyle G: exactly!
[3:10] Kyle G: and keep in mind you control the size of the client with unity
[3:10] Kyle G: we started with a 5MB space
[3:10] Avasari Buninyong: Steve, I think the 200mb download is the free software your students could possibly use to build worlds in the future...
[3:10] Kyle G: plus the 4MB client is pretty light
[3:10] Chris Hart: exactly Avasari
[3:10] Steve Collis: mobile / web browser virtual worlds are the HOLY GRAIL!!! That's when it becomes 'crazy easy' i.e. mainstream. Oh we are so early days <weeps>
[3:10] :: Chat bridge ON!
[3:10] Chris Hart: lol
[3:11] Kyle G: agreed Steve and get this
[3:11] :: Nathan Burgess (Web): webplugin came down in seconds - looks quite good!
[3:11] Kyle G: its relatively simple webpage javascript to talk to Unity web player
[3:11] jokay Wollongong: So agree steve... huuuuuurrrrrry uppppp.. lolz
[3:11] Robin Gomboy: lol
[3:11] jokay Wollongong: I am impatient.. lolz
[3:11] Kyle G: our templates will make it easy to hack up and feed all sorts of data to this
[3:11] Kyle G: haha
[3:11] Kyle G: so consider Opensim and Unity complimentary
[3:11] Avasari Buninyong: oh no, my brain is full...i can be patient! ;)
[3:12] :: Dave Youl (Web): has joined.
[3:12] jokay Wollongong: hehe avasari.. you got a point there.. can relate.. but still more!.. hehe ;)
[3:12] Kyle G: haha yes we still have some wrenching on opensim to do and lots of unity development to make using it easy but 2010 will be our year together!
[3:12] :: Steve Collis (Web): Dave!! Welcome! Discussing some very exciting stuff here - virtual worlds on your iPhone, for instance!
[3:12] Chris Hart: I find it hard to keep up some days :)
[3:12] Robin Gomboy: in fact Chris and Kyle are hard at work on making this happen...
[3:12] Kyle G: Ok so Chris:
[3:12] Kyle G: Q. Are there options to move the landing point from 128,128, height?
[3:13] Chris Hart: yes - we will be trying some iphone/ipod unity integration later today possibly tomorrow depending on whether I can steal husband's mac again :)
[3:13] Kyle G: haha
[3:13] Chris Hart: yes
[3:13] :: Steve Collis (Web): I normally go to bed at 8pm on a Sunday - this has been well worth staying up for!
[3:13] Chris Hart: walk around the region to the place where you want to land
[3:13] Kyle G: great Steve Ill be brief as possible but anyone can follow up with me
[3:13] :: Nathan Burgess (Web): Steve!
[3:13] :: Mark Liddell (Web): has joined.
[3:13] Chris Hart: then if you are an estate manager you can oipen the land options dialog and set a landing point
[3:13] Chris Hart: I shall do this on a sim and document it
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[3:14] Chris Hart: this sounds like a knowledgebase article :)
[3:14] Kyle G: super is where we post such tutorials
[3:14] Kyle G: Q. Is it possible to 'bulk' create a set of avatars - ie John ACES201 - to enroll a class into a sim
[3:14] Arif Emor: heehee
[3:14] Kyle G: Chris?
[3:14] :: Mark Liddell (Web): good evening
[3:14] Kyle G: hello Mark!
[3:14] Felix Techie: back, sorry folks
[3:14] Avasari Buninyong: Hey Mark! :)
[3:14] Felix Techie: Hi Mark
[3:14] Chris Hart: yes
[3:14] :: Steve Collis (Web): Hi Mark - check out this link - they have a function virtual world in a web browser!! Log in with your reaction grid login =
[3:14] Chris Hart: I have code that enables batch avatar creation
[3:15] :: Steve Collis (Web): Mark works with me at school - we've both been second lifing with our students all year
[3:15] Robin Gomboy: oh that is some wonderful Code Chris
[3:15] Kyle G: this is exactly what is cool about your own server login, add desktop or web apps like this one to populate users at will
[3:15] Chris Hart: it's similar behind the scenes to the code we use to pre-dress new avatars on this grid that we can offer to private grids
[3:15] Kyle G: ahh great Steve!
[3:15] Bee Jay is Online
[3:15] Kyle G: and Chris again lol:Q. Can you also give us more details about the Custom Avatar Registration System? Can it be used with private sims too?
[3:15] Chris Hart: for batch creation just drop me a note on and I'll see if I can help you there :)
[3:16] Chris Hart: hehe
[3:16] Chris Hart: yes
[3:16] Chris Hart: it involves a few pieces to get that working
[3:16] Avasari Buninyong: Chris, can it use Active Directory data for account creation?
[3:16] :: Steve Collis (Web): Yes!
[3:16] Robin Gomboy: not yet but we are working towards that now Avasari
[3:16] Kyle G: great question Av, this was Robins concept from the start
[3:16] Chris Hart: at the moment, no, but I could investigate doing that for you
[3:16] Avasari Buninyong: ...sorry if that's crazy question, not a techie person :)
[3:16] Avasari Buninyong: That would be down the track for us...
[3:16] Chris Hart: not crazy - I could at the very least extract names from AD and run through the list and create avatars in those names
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[3:17] Chris Hart: as the lightest form of integration there
[3:17] Kyle G: its not crazy at all its genius to identify that in fact we feel one day AD rights could apply inworld letting teachers access some sims/builds and students locked out of them
[3:17] Avasari Buninyong: I reckon that, along with email address would be great!
[3:17] Robin Gomboy: not a crazy question at all - I realized at beginning that this is the future if we ever want quick deployment behind a firewal
[3:17] Kyle G: exactly Av
[3:17] :: Steve Collis (Web): what is the difference between active directory and 'ldap' - our techies use both terms and I don't understand the difference.
[3:17] Robin Gomboy: and for schools and corporate clients this is a most
[3:17] Robin Gomboy: must
[3:17] Avasari Buninyong: And this is Steve's vision...all students login as they would own school portal :)
[3:17] Chris Hart: to get your own avatar creation system on your world you just need some clothing (which we can provide) and some template avatars - we have to do a little work to hook it all up for you (Working on streamlining the process)
[3:17] Chris Hart: LDAP is a protocol
[3:18] Chris Hart: Active Directory uses LDA{
[3:18] Chris Hart: LDAP
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[3:18] Robin Gomboy: thanks Chris was about to tackle that question
[3:18] Chris Hart: LDAP is the base that others build on
[3:18] Heyjude Online: Techies always want LDAP integration in schools.
[3:18] Chris Hart: so AD is the Microsoft implementation
[3:18] :: Steve Collis (Web): It's such an important question, because I've spent hours this years setting up classes of students. Takes a while to recreate 30 student accounts in Second Life... again it is a Holy Grail to have integration with existing user system.
[3:18] Chris Hart: there's also options from other platforms that use LDAP
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[3:18] Chris Hart: the code to query an LDAP repository is essentially the same
[3:18] Chris Hart: because the protocol is a standard
[3:18] Robin Gomboy: exactly - so LDAP is the actual piece to integrate - AD is just one form of LDAP
[3:19] Kyle G: exactly Steve, today we have avatar generic name apps to populate but Chris and RObin already testing AD connections
[3:19] Kyle G: will take us some time
[3:19] Avasari Buninyong: That is such helpful info, thank u!
[3:19] Kyle G: but its absolutely roadmapped
[3:19] :: Steve Collis (Web): so AD is not the question, right? The DB is LDAP, so that's what you would connect to.
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[3:19] Kyle G: well AD has the data
[3:19] Chris Hart: yes I have already extracted usernames from my local Active Directory repository
[3:19] Kyle G: and structure of rights etc
[3:19] Robin Gomboy: well LDAP is really the protocol - not so much a DB
[3:19] Kyle G: LDAP is how we talk to AD about those pieces
[3:19] :: Steve Collis (Web): Wanna experiment on my school in feb?
[3:19] Chris Hart: so from there it is not at all far to using that data to create avatars
[3:19] Kyle G: AD would be more like the DB
[3:20] :: Steve Collis (Web): oh ok
[3:20] :: Chat bridge OFF!
[3:20] :: Setting up on region 8fc6bc5b-b69f-45f6-9ac6-c8eacc4a20e5
[3:20] Sapphire Ceawlin: that is good for us as that is our authenication protocol too
[3:20] :: Chat bridge ON!
[3:20] Robin Gomboy: more a piece of middleware - correct me if I am wrong Chris
[3:20] Kyle G: well work on some flow diagrams as we approach testing that with the community
[3:20] Kyle G: well no
[3:20] Kyle G: a protocol
[3:20] Kyle G: a way to handshake
[3:20] Chris Hart: yes each use case is unique there at the moment
[3:20] Kyle G: is LDAP
[3:20] Chris Hart: getting data from any LDAP-based repository is simple enough
[3:20] jokay Wollongong: Hehe.. so it sounds to me like we nee a masterclass on this topic sometime ;)
[3:20] :: Steve Collis (Web): ouch sounds quite fiddly actually.
[3:21] Chris Hart: and could be used to prepopulate opensim data
[3:21] Chris Hart: what would be great is actually using LDAP for authentication
[3:21] Chris Hart: but there's a catch there - you would need a custom client to connect to the grid
[3:21] Kyle G: not really Steve, just a couple of componenets working together very common to do this sort of thing
[3:21] Chris Hart: I'm in discussions with IBM about that
[3:21] :: Steve Collis (Web): We know we can expose our ldap system to web connections.
[3:21] Sapphire Ceawlin: but then there would be single sign on?
[3:21] Heyjude Online: It would be enough as a first step to use ldap to create accounts.
[3:21] Robin Gomboy: the authentication is the easy part - the use of the permissions model in AD is more a challenge
[3:21] Kyle G: exactly IBM is great & Intel is also working with us on some education based, more reliable version of opensim
[3:22] Chris Hart: yes indeed
[3:22] Heyjude Online: none of us has hundreds and hundreds of kids...but it will happen eventually.
[3:22] Kyle G: ok so Ill take this next one
[3:22] :: Steve Collis (Web): Ok - do I gather that each institution will need a custom solution?
[3:22] Kyle G: haha yes it will Jude
[3:22] Chris Hart: I think each institution has different needs
[3:22] Kyle G: no Steve
[3:22] :: Steve Collis (Web): This is complicated stuff but very very useful to discuss live like this.
[3:22] Chris Hart: what we always try to do
[3:22] Sapphire Ceawlin: lol as a state we have 66000 kids
[3:22] Chris Hart: is provide a common foundation
[3:22] Kyle G: if we stick to the protocol for AD it will be pretty common
[3:22] Robin Gomboy: oh we are already working on getting this in public school systems across the world and with that it means we need to integrate into already existing user bases.
[3:22] Heyjude Online: soon enough it will be normal to have virtual accounts...just like its now normal to have email accounts.
[3:22] Chris Hart: and make it as easy as possible
[3:22] Heyjude Online: lolz
[3:22] Chris Hart: to flex it to your nees
[3:23] Chris Hart: needs
[3:23] Kyle G: but there may be unique aspects too depending on how AD is used
[3:23] Avasari Buninyong: Yes, you're absolutely right Jude :)
[3:23] :: Steve Collis (Web): Sapphire that's the way to think - Scotland is a whisper away from every student having a login to a virtual world. think of that!
[3:23] Heyjude Online: and how about mac systems?
[3:23] Kyle G: but the LDAP protocol is a standard
[3:23] Robin Gomboy: so this is certainly a concern of ours to get LDAP instituted with Opensim and other virtual worlds
[3:23] Kyle G: Mac systems wont notice anything
[3:23] Kyle G: this is all behind the scense
[3:23] Kyle G: scenes
[3:23] Chris Hart: exactly
[3:23] Heyjude Online: no active directory?
[3:23] Heyjude Online: just LDap and what?
[3:23] Kyle G: yes Mac could use it as a client
[3:23] Sapphire Ceawlin: oh wow @Steve - heaven on a plate
[3:24] Robin Gomboy: LDAP is the base for AD - Ad is a flavor of LDAP
[3:24] Heyjude Online: righto
[3:24] Kyle G: or if Mac has LDAP systems
[3:24] Kyle G: could use those as well
[3:24] Chris Hart: LDAP is just a way of getting to your user store really
[3:24] Robin Gomboy: so if we integrate LDAP we have AD and others covered
[3:24] Chris Hart: a common syntax
[3:24] Kyle G: thats whats common in all institutions
[3:24] :: Steve Collis (Web): yes, Sapphire, virtually... (HA HA HA)
[3:24] Kyle G: whats not is the repository
[3:24] Kyle G: for the user data
[3:24] Chris Hart: it's like SQL is a common standard for getting to data
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[3:24] Kyle G: right
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[3:24] Chris Hart: there are nuances and differences between MSSQL and MySQL and Oracle
[3:24] Heyjude Online: it all makes perfect sense...and so glad that you are the gurus!
[3:24] Chris Hart: but there's a common core
[3:25] Chris Hart: trying to think of non geek analogy
[3:25] Heyjude Online: we can just watch and wait :-)
[3:25] :: Steve Collis (Web): ok, I used to program databases for a living belive it or not - so LDAP is a set of conventions. AD is the actual database. Could have a database in any number of formats - LDAP is the conventions for accessing it???
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[3:25] Robin Gomboy: correct Active Directory is one type of repository - tell you what I can do a knowledgebase for MVH explaining the LDAP protocol nd how Active Directory is a flavor of LDAP
[3:25] :: Steve Collis (Web): (I've been out of the game for a decade)
[3:25] Chris Hart: :)
[3:26] :: Kyle G enters Jokaydia (now 14 visitors in this region)
[3:26] Kyle G is Online
[3:26] Robin Gomboy: look for that this week on
[3:26] jokay Wollongong: wb kyle ;)
[3:26] Kyle G: haha Meerkrahed
[3:26] Robin Gomboy: Meerkat crashed - lol
[3:26] Chris Hart: hehe
[3:26] Kyle G: Ill take this one:
[3:26] Kyle G: Q. Can you tell us about the concept of "Ninja Physics" and how we can make use of it? Can it be used on private sims too?
[3:26] Kyle G: Ninja Physics is similar to SL vehicle scripts
[3:27] Kyle G: but on a piece by piece level
[3:27] Kyle G: so you can make any sort of crazy vehicle
[3:27] jokay Wollongong: drools.. i need to take a day off and buildmyself some wheels.. lolz
[3:27] Kyle G: or swinging treebranches
[3:27] Robin Gomboy: very very cool
[3:27] Kyle G: primarily its socket/balljoint
[3:27] Kyle G: or hinge
[3:27] Kyle G: but those 2 things can do alot
[3:27] Heyjude Online: thank goodness we have the summer break coming soon...we can all get on and play!!
[3:27] Kyle G: and its codeless
[3:27] Avasari Buninyong: I was blown away by this when attending Kyle's class
[3:27] Kyle G: hah yes Jude
[3:28] Kyle G: so you dont need to be a guru to use it just detail oriented
[3:28] Kyle G: yes its so fun too
[3:28] Kyle G: one of those icebreaker things
[3:28] Chris Hart: it's really cool
[3:28] Kyle G: and physics and science teachers dream
[3:28] Robin Gomboy: I have to get used to Australian seasons too - we are heading into Winter here in the USA - :)
[3:28] Chris Hart: and unique to opensim
[3:28] Avasari Buninyong: Fantastic activity for students :)
[3:28] Kyle G: so watch my twitter feed
[3:28] Kyle G: for details on classes
[3:29] Kyle G: yes AV!
[3:29] Heyjude Online: cool!
[3:29] :: Chat bridge OFF!
[3:29] Avasari Buninyong: And did I understand correctly that is has to be "activated" on a sim?
[3:29] Kyle G: then they get excited about this too, it becomes more than a diluted game, it becomes their creations come to life
[3:29] Kyle G: we are currently enabling it on all sims
[3:29] :: Chat bridge ON!
[3:29] Heyjude Online: AWESOME
[3:29] Robin Gomboy: did someone touch the chat bridge ??? should I turn it back on???
[3:29] Avasari Buninyong: Great! Thx!
[3:29] Robin Gomboy: oh you got it
[3:30] Kyle G: I have a tutorial Ill post asap to and you can try it on your sim, it it wont work submit a ticket we'll enable
[3:30] Chris Hart: don't click the chat bridge :) the perms are such that only the owner can re-enable it (me) until I finsh that part!
[3:30] Chris Hart: hehe
[3:30] Jass Easterman: sorry, that was me - was just clicking around
[3:30] Chris Hart: the complicated stuff works
[3:30] Kyle G: hahnp Jass
[3:30] Chris Hart: hehe
[3:30] Kyle G: Q. Can you tell us about some of the future developments that are "on the cards" for ReactionGrid
[3:30] Arif Emor is Offline
[3:31] Kyle G: we are very hard at work on stability
[3:31] Kyle G: this is above all else
[3:31] Robin Gomboy: ahh well we have already talked about the LDAP integration - that is one of our upcoming development projects
[3:31] Steve Collis: I expect to hear something about 'smell-o-vision' at this point - anything less will be disappointing!
[3:31] Kyle G: exactly
[3:31] jokay Wollongong: LMAO steve
[3:31] Niniel Laviolette: lol
[3:31] Bee Jay: lol
[3:31] Kyle G: after that is flexibility
[3:31] Kyle G: lol
[3:31] Robin Gomboy: no smell o vision yet - but that is a good idea!
[3:31] Chris Hart: lol - the hours we keep - not so sure ;)
[3:31] Kyle G: allowing you to try other world building platforms side by with and leveraging your opensim work
[3:31] Kyle G: haha
[3:32] Kyle G: then integration, using Active Directory instead of adding users, embedding SLOODLE, tracking user achievements inworld , custom reports of activity
[3:33] Robin Gomboy: we are alos working towards stability - or should I say more stable Opensim environments and quantity and quality of avatar numbers on a sim. but we can't tell you too much here yet - just to be ready in a few months for large numebrs of avatars on a single sim
[3:33] Kyle G: most importantly the roadmap includes classes tohelp you do more and more with your worlds
[3:33] Chris Hart: yes, Intel are working closely with core OpenSim developers to improve the platform immensely
[3:33] Kyle G: we have created dozens of new developers working with Microsoft
[3:34] Avasari Buninyong: I have to say, I am blown away by the level and quality of support ReactionGrid offers :)
[3:34] Chris Hart: we do what we can
[3:34] Chris Hart: we want to help you make the most of this
[3:34] jokay Wollongong: here here avasari.. totally agree
[3:34] Kyle G: they will be supporting educators here in many ways as you can script in here with C#, Visual Basic, Javascript - richer and mroe resuable and better documented languages
[3:34] Kyle G: thanks Av
[3:34] Kyle G: We have our challenges
[3:34] Kyle G: its ALpha software
[3:34] Steve Collis: ditto what Av said!
[3:34] Kyle G: and were learning how to tame it
[3:35] Kyle G: but we believe in it
[3:35] Robin Gomboy: yes our close relationships with Intel, IBM, and Microsoft are helping us to fill in the holes as we all progress in the devopment of Opensim - but not hanging all our stars on Opensim - Unity and other platforms have come to our attention and flexibility and choice is what we aim to offer
[3:35] Kyle G: and we feel you guys will do great things if we can make it run smoother each month
[3:35] Kyle G: which has happened
[3:35] Chris Hart: exactly
[3:35] Kyle G: I mention the big guys
[3:35] Kyle G: but many smaller devs built this initially
[3:35] Kyle G: and they had educators in mind too
[3:36] Kyle G: so you have a rich community inmproving this
[3:36] Kyle G: Q. Can you connect a sim on your own computer to RG so you could teleport out to RG and others could TP in to your sim? How much would that cost?
[3:36] Robin Gomboy: there are dozens of devs working on Opensim
[3:36] Kyle G: We do not currently support this however there are options
[3:36] Kyle G: the reason we do not support it is simple
[3:36] Kyle G: uptime
[3:37] Kyle G: our servers are in an enterprise level set of datacenters
[3:37] Kyle G: very close physically to each other
[3:37] Kyle G: and as secure as you can make opensim
[3:37] Heyjude Online: lolz...not in your garage?
[3:37] Kyle G: we want the experience on the grid heterogenous
[3:37] Kyle G: hah
[3:37] Kyle G: now Jude
[3:37] Kyle G: that said
[3:37] jokay Wollongong: lmao
[3:37] Robin Gomboy: no not in our garage - lol
[3:37] Kyle G: we highly encourage garage installs
[3:37] Chris Hart: with HyperGrid, you can jump from home to here and back
[3:38] Chris Hart: and that's the best option
[3:38] jokay Wollongong: visions of it under robin and kyle's bed.. lolz
[3:38] Kyle G: and dragging old computers out of the closet
[3:38] Sapphire Ceawlin: hehehe
[3:38] Heyjude Online: winter heating.
[3:38] Chris Hart: lol
[3:38] Bee Jay: lol
[3:38] Avasari Buninyong: LOL... :)
[3:38] Kyle G: many schools have a mix, an RG sim for community and a world of their own locally
[3:38] Kyle G: lol
[3:38] Kyle G: or vice versa
[3:39] Kyle G: Boston College resells us and they have a mighty set of servers of their own they could use but only backup our systems
[3:39] Kyle G: so again flexible, tell us your needs
[3:39] Robin Gomboy: although we do have a Unity world hosted here in the office - we cannot rely on our internet connection since we only have a cable connection here :)
[3:39] Kyle G: fina question then a chat to wrap up anything else
[3:39] Kyle G: Q. What are some of the lessons learned with the NetGenEd Awards virtual meeting that was organised with Vicki Davis of Flat Classroom fame? (Steve Madsen).
[3:39] Steve Collis: We have very powerful servers and a 10 megabit in out connection but at the end of the day it sounds simpler to host with you.
[3:40] Robin Gomboy: LOL
[3:40] Kyle G: we attempted too much at our awards show we supported for Vicki
[3:40] Kyle G: we reached for the stars lol
[3:40] Robin Gomboy: well Steve we offer value added service and applications along with our hosting
[3:40] Robin Gomboy: so yes in that sense we do make things easier to host with us.
[3:40] Kyle G: Steve that could be, or over time you caould move from us to local or a mix of the two, totaly flexible, whatever your needs are
[3:40] Chris Hart: Steve, the other part of external connections is upgrades and things like that - if we upgrade I have to sync the whole grid with new code and roll out simultaneously - to avoid interruptions to other connections you would have to be there at the same time
[3:40] Heyjude Online: I don't think you can go past the value add you folks provide.
[3:41] Kyle G: exactly Chris
[3:41] Chris Hart: and that is a lot of work
[3:41] Robin Gomboy: we also take care of the servers for no worry operation too.
[3:41] Avasari Buninyong: Steve, you are right, we could have hosted ourselves, but happy to let the experts handle it for us at very reasonable price.
[3:41] Kyle G: thanks jude! we know we have to work hard because its free software and you are a smart crowd
[3:41] jokay Wollongong: agreed jude.. let the experts do their thing and get on with the teaching and learing ;)
[3:41] Kyle G: so we will make it worth yor while with us
[3:41] Bee Jay: (she means playing)
[3:41] Kyle G: but we also wont leave anyone out
[3:41] Kyle G: haha
[3:41] Kyle G: exactly Jokay!
[3:42] jokay Wollongong: lolz.. shh bee jay.. playing?? where? teehee
[3:42] Steve Collis: jeeze you could eat the goodwill floating about here with a spoon. Feel the love, people.
[3:42] Chris Hart: lol
[3:42] Kyle G: and we will keep researching other tools, and integration etc, while you develop
[3:42] Robin Gomboy: I feel the LOVE!
[3:42] Kyle G: and bring those options to you when vetted
[3:42] Kyle G: lol
[3:42] Kyle G: Q. What are some of the lessons learned with the NetGenEd Awards virtual meeting that was organised with Vicki Davis of Flat Classroom fame? (Steve Madsen).
[3:42] Kyle G: so for the above
[3:42] Kyle G: the number one lesson applies to all events
[3:42] Kyle G: good rehearsel
[3:42] Robin Gomboy: Preparation
[3:42] Kyle G: dont wait until event day
[3:43] Chris Hart: yes
[3:43] Robin Gomboy: the keyword here
[3:43] Kyle G: dont estimate numbers
[3:43] jokay Wollongong: ooo yes.. so totally agree. no matter what grid or reality you're in ;)
[3:43] Kyle G: right lol
[3:43] Robin Gomboy: exactly!
[3:43] Kyle G: if you test beforehand properly, less likely of an issue
[3:43] Nikko Hepzipig: / If not too late I can copy it for you
[3:43] Kyle G: we exptrapolated from controlled tests what real users would do
[3:43] Kyle G: not good
[3:43] Robin Gomboy: many event organizer don't prepare enough in advance
[3:43] Kyle G: we assumed they would also listen to commands
[3:43] Kyle G: not right
[3:43] Sapphire Ceawlin: rofl
[3:44] Robin Gomboy: there is another fast rule I run with for events too: have a Plan A, B, C, D
[3:44] Kyle G: so we know now to use technology to make users login where we want
[3:44] Heyjude Online: OMG listen to commands!!! (roaring with laughter)
[3:44] Chris Hart: hehe oh yes
[3:44] Kyle G: and to test before hand
[3:44] Kyle G: lol
[3:44] Kyle G: exactly Jude we were dreamers
[3:44] Chris Hart: I pre-made avatars so folks wouldn't spend hours re-dressing their avatrars
[3:44] jokay Wollongong: hehe.. it sounds like my first event in SL... 'hey avatars.. come and do whati want you to do'.. erm... nope... that's not working.. teehee
[3:44] Chris Hart: first thing they ALL did was edit appearance
[3:44] Robin Gomboy: and they redressed right Chris?
[3:44] Kyle G: but we have another event with Vicki coming up and will get it this time hah!
[3:44] Bee Jay: hahahaha
[3:45] jokay Wollongong: Ooo and back to hair and shoes.. this is why we're really all here.. i swear.. lmao
[3:45] Kyle G: haha exactly
[3:45] Chris Hart: yes and things like the chat bridge have helped us tyoo
[3:45] Kyle G: lol
[3:45] Niniel Laviolette: lol
[3:45] Chris Hart: we can spread out an event
[3:45] Jass Easterman: people love making their own characters - that is part of the beauty of virtual worlds
[3:45] Chris Hart: they do and that's wonderful :)
[3:45] jokay Wollongong: The best learning opps are when things go wrong.. i love it that you're open to talking about lessons learned ;)
[3:45] Jass Easterman: so, no matter how much you prepare for them, they want to change - be an individual
[3:45] Robin Gomboy: yes exactly Chris - spreading the load over several servers instead of just one
[3:46] Chris Hart: we have to be open with you about our experiences - we are honest as possible about it all because we are all learning - inworlders like yourselves., admins like us, everyone
[3:46] Kyle G: so I'd say to summarize our hope if you bear with the current quirks, sim crashes etc, it weighs heavy on us when your experience is subpar, and know we will improve this application and will always support you like we do in these early days
[3:46] Chris Hart: all feedback we have goes back to core opensim developers too
[3:46] Steve Collis: ha ha ha - just catching up on the chat here - EDITING APPEARANCE!!! Oh the bane of my existence. My Year 8s will do it for hours if I let them.
[3:46] Kyle G: lol
[3:46] Kyle G: yes Steve that was a huge issue
[3:46] jokay Wollongong: and really steve.. thinking about the 14yos i know..
[3:46] Jass Easterman: takes a while to get the look you want
[3:46] jokay Wollongong: is it any diff in rl.. lmao
[3:46] Robin Gomboy: we do learn from our events and use this knowledge to make the next event better - so far we have improved with every event
[3:47] Steve Collis: It is a reflection of the power of virtual worlds./
[3:47] Sapphire Ceawlin: at least in world you have a chance of getting your look almost right lol
[3:47] Kyle G: all RG users paying or not have as a help system
[3:47] Kyle G: right lol
[3:47] Steve Madsen: Most of the NetGen participants were teachers, not students
[3:47] Jass Easterman: true Sapphire
[3:47] Robin Gomboy: I always have perfect hair in here - cant say that about the RL
[3:47] Avasari Buninyong: Steve...LOL... :)
[3:47] Sapphire Ceawlin: lol
[3:47] jokay Wollongong: Ooo great topic Kyle..
[3:47] Chris Hart: I will also say that the underlying opensim code for NetGenEd was a different version
[3:47] Steve Collis: Your virtual existence feels very real. We should interpret it in that way - it is good sign.
[3:48] jokay Wollongong: One of the ways we can help develop the grid is feedback the madness right? ;0
[3:48] Chris Hart: each revision has different quirks
[3:48] Kyle G: so thats it for the web questions
[3:48] Avasari Buninyong: Agree Steve :)
[3:48] jokay Wollongong: so is metaverseheros the spot to report all issues..
[3:48] Robin Gomboy: they certainly do Chris
[3:48] Steve Collis: How do I get back to the core - Mark Liddell is there and needs to get here
[3:48] jokay Wollongong: or are there forums too?
[3:48] Kyle G: Jokay you nailed it
[3:48] :: Steve Collis leaves Jokaydia (back to 13 visitors in this region)
[3:48] Kyle G: alot of people dont want to bug us with negative feedback, they assume its just them or we are too busy
[3:48] Kyle G: in fact we need to know everything
[3:48] Chris Hart: yes doesn't matter if it is trivial
[3:48] Avasari Buninyong: Thx so much RG team, Jo and everyone! You're awesome!
[3:49] Chris Hart: we collect it all centrally
[3:49] Kyle G: Steve bring up the map search "Core1"
[3:49] Robin Gomboy: every couple of weeks Chris has to review new released code and wade thru it and test. sometimes it is good for us to run with and other times you just scratch your head and say 'WHY?'
[3:49] Kyle G: thanks Av
[3:49] Chris Hart: hehe
[3:49] Robin Gomboy: so the code varies often.
[3:49] Kyle G: and has forums, knowledgebase and more, we're expanding it as we go
[3:49] Kyle G: so try there first
[3:49] jokay Wollongong: Thanks Av.. its great to see everyone here participating with passion and energy.. love it ;)
[3:50] Kyle G: exactly Robin
[3:50] Kyle G: Any last questions?
[3:50] jokay Wollongong: Cool.. so report those issues.. be annoying jokaydians (teehee) ;)
[3:50] Bee Jay: lol
[3:50] Kyle G: I loved this! yes it was abit tough until coffee kicked in but its thrilling to me to work with you from all over the world
[3:50] Niniel Laviolette: :)
[3:50] Kyle G: yes be annoying! I like that Jokay
[3:50] Robin Gomboy: this was fabulous even if it was so darn early on a SUnday morning for Kyle and myself - now I am all amp'd for the day (coffee infusion has worked)
[3:50] Avasari Buninyong: Must get to bed...have big sharepoint day tomorrow...rather boring compared to this! ;)
[3:51] Chris Hart: lol
[3:51] Sapphire Ceawlin: we must also remember the Jokays of the world - because for me Jokay makes what is possible visible - the environment is critical, but so is what can be done :-)
[3:51] Chris Hart: I feel for you Avasari
[3:51] jokay Wollongong: Indeed.. i think this has been a great way for us to see lots of options and opportunities in RG..
[3:51] Chris Hart: I used to do a lot of sharepoint development
[3:51] Heyjude Online: Thanks very much all!!
[3:51] Kyle G: ahh Av super SHarepoint is another app where opensim/unity can integrate next year
[3:51] jokay Wollongong: and i have to say a HUGE thanks to you guys for this session..
[3:51] Kyle G: ok bye all
[3:51] Heyjude Online: Great to catch up with the RG team!
[3:51] Kyle G: my Skype is pcmash
[3:51] jokay Wollongong: as well as being amazingly welcoming to all jokaydians since day 1 ;)
[3:51] Niniel Laviolette: thank you!
[3:51] Robin Gomboy: yikes Sharepoint - ugh - I use Project which is Sharepoint based - is a bit of a ita - good luck with that
[3:51] Sapphire Ceawlin: oh the sharepoint thing will be a biggie for Tas
[3:51] Kyle G:
[3:52] Robin Gomboy: pita
[3:52] Steve Madsen: bye everyone. Thanks to those that gave so much input.
[3:52] Avasari Buninyong: Hee hee...Chris, mine is all basic stuff...15 virtual classrooms on request atm!
[3:52] Chris Hart: :)
[3:52] Kyle G: and help us form the idea of a mixed relaity event next year for us little guys!
[3:52] jokay Wollongong: we'll post the chatlog on the jokaydia blog very shortly..
[3:52] Robin Gomboy: nice meeting everyone - have a good night!
[3:52] Avasari Buninyong: Bye everyone! :)
[3:52] jokay Wollongong: and yes... join the indiemetaverse group..
[3:52] Heyjude Online: Thanks everyone!!
[3:52] Sapphire Ceawlin: It was great, thank you
[3:52] Robin Gomboy: for my Twitter
[3:52] Jass Easterman: Thank you - enjoyed what I was able to experience
[3:52] jokay Wollongong: sign over there with a url giver ;)
[3:52] Chris Hart: thanks everyone for coming
[3:52] jokay Wollongong: Oh jass.. well done for hanging in there and coming back!
[3:52] Avasari Buninyong is Offline
[3:52] Kyle G: great Jokay and we blew by the 15 avatar limit prety well tonite so I am happy this went great all around
[3:52] :: Avasari Buninyong leaves Jokaydia (back to 12 visitors in this region)
[3:53] jokay Wollongong: Indeed.. things seemed really stable..
[3:53] :: Felix Techie enters Jokaydia (now 13 visitors in this region)
[3:53] jokay Wollongong: and great discussion ;)
[3:53] jokay Wollongong: Hopefully we can do another session in the coming months..
[3:53] Kyle G: anyone having issues tonight report them to us we can help
[3:53] Jass Easterman: Took a while Jo - missed about 30 mins - but glad you are putting the chat on the blog
[3:53] Sapphire Ceawlin: yes i did not get the 20 minute heebies lol
[3:53] Heyjude Online: Thanks Jo :-)
[3:53] Kyle G: great Sap but if you do, let us know right away
[3:54] Sapphire Ceawlin: okay, will do, thank you
[3:54] Kyle G: we have bad hair moments lol, but we can fix it
[3:54] jokay Wollongong: Yay sapphy.. and thanks jude... great to seeya inworld ;)
[3:54] Kyle G: or fix your local setup if its the case
[3:54] Kyle G: add me as a friend if not already
[3:54] Kyle G: and have a great day/night
[3:54] Chris Hart: thanks everyone
[3:54] :: Steve Madsen leaves Jokaydia (back to 12 visitors in this region)
[3:54] Sapphire Ceawlin: ty
[3:54] Bee Jay: thanks guys
[3:54] jokay Wollongong: Indeed.. thanks everyone for a great session..
[3:54] Kyle G: email is
[3:55] jokay Wollongong: chatlog coming at ya soon ;)
[3:55] Kyle G: loved it!
[3:55] Kyle G: bye for now
[3:55] Felix Techie: it was GREAT
[3:55] jokay Wollongong: Kyle and Robin def get to have nana naps today ;)
[3:55] Nikko Hepzipig: bye
[3:55] Kyle G: lol
[3:55] Steve Madsen is Offline
[3:55] Sapphire Ceawlin: lol
[3:55] jokay Wollongong: and felix!.. thanks for being here too ;)
[3:55] Robin Gomboy: yes aps today for sure
[3:55] Robin Gomboy: after a good wrokout and some food
[3:55] Robin Gomboy: workout
[3:55] Felix Techie: it's always nice to be here jokay
[3:55] jokay Wollongong: hehe.. that sounds like a good plan for sunday ;)
[3:55] Kyle G: i think it was Michelangelo or Van Gogh who did 20 minute catnaps because they were so excited to work lol
[3:55] Chris Hart: lol
[3:56] Kyle G: ill catch up somewhere
[3:56] Kyle G: bye for now friends
[3:56] Kyle G is Offline
[3:56] jokay Wollongong: hehe.. well hope you get a little rest ;)
[3:56] Jass Easterman: bye and thank you
[3:56] :: Kyle G leaves Jokaydia (back to 11 visitors in this region)
[3:56] Robin Gomboy: yes Kyle has been taking the late shift to help cover times when Aussies need assistance - so he is getting used to late nights
[3:56] Sapphire Ceawlin: lol
[3:56] :: Steve Collis (Web): Sorry I've been very distracteds. THANKYOU KYLE and Chris!!!
[3:56] Felix Techie: bye ybe kyle, hope you will get some more rest.
[3:56] Heyjude Online: Eeek, poor Kyle
[3:56] Chris Hart: :) thanks Steve
[3:56] jokay Wollongong: Hehe.. i noticed he's getting more and more nocturnal on skype.. hehe
[3:56] :: Steve Collis (Web): and Robin
[3:57] Reaction Core is Online
[3:57] Robin Gomboy: I have been doing the early morning hours here myself so this was not s hard a time as for Kyle - lol
[3:57] Niniel Laviolette: bye everyone. Thanks :)
[3:57] Chris Hart: turning chat bridge off now - thanks all on the web for joining us today