jokaydiaGRID - Skills for Hire

This page supports the jokaydiaGRID Skills for Hire Group which has been setup for those who have skills in Scripting, Building, Terraforming, etc. and are available for paying work, as well as those who are seeking them.

CAVEAT EMPTOR. Anyone can join, and we normally allow people to be the judge of their own skill levels: we do not certify or guarantee work. We just make this available as a service to connect those who need to hire a contractor with those who have the skills needed. If the work is not satisfactory, or payment is not received, or any other dispute arises, WE CAN NOT HELP YOU. However, we do reserve the right to remove someone from the group if we find that they have grossly misrepresented themselves.

Role names and explanations:
Builder: working with Prims. Sculpted prims and Mesh (when available) is better represented by Graphics.
Consultant: miscellaneous. If you are available to consult on Disability Issues, Server Setup, Roman History, whatever, you fit here.
Facilitator: Run classes, facilitate newcomer orientation, help with educational delivery.
Graphics: Photoshop, GIMP, Sculpted textures, 3D work, etc.
Scripting: Skill with scripting in LSL, OSSL, or other inworld Scripting languages.
Terraforming: Skill with shaping land in a region, dividing parcels, etc.
Translator: Fluent in a foreign language and able to interpret/translate.
Writer: Proofreading, copyediting, technical and other professional writing, etc.

We suggest that you put further details in your inworld profile.

Please only sign up for roles where you feel you can do work that should earn you a real paycheck! There is no in-world economy, so you will have to deal via PayPal or some other method.

Further information will be posted shortly!