Dialogs with Uncle D: A Story Quester's Workshop

Join us for more Story Quest adventures. This interactive writer's workshop is designed to spark creativity and discussion about the power of stories to teach by allowing you to experience the Uncle D Quest yourself.

Following the success of our EduMeet visit to Story Quest a few weeks back, Marty and Jenaia from the The Virtual Worlds Story Project (TVWSP) have very kindly offered to provide us with two free and very exclusive workshops in the coming weeks!

These sessions will allow us to further explore how Story Quests like 'The Life and Times of Uncle D' can be used to develop interactive, immersive, and educational experiences which allow participants to explore specific issues, ideas or themes; and to teach vital 21st century learning skills.

Workshop 1 will be held on Thursday 12th Nov @ 8pm Sydney Time / 1am SL Time. Workshop 2 will be held on Sunday 15th November @ 8pm Sydney Time / 1am SL Time.

What to Expect?

Our adventure will begin on the shores of Story Quest Island where instructions and a flower strewn path will greet us. As we follow the path to a secluded garden, we'll take ride on the Story Quest boat through gorgeous scenery and an environment filled with the first of a series of poems and journal entries that will lead us into Uncle D's life. We will then journey across the grid to discover Uncle D's secrets and explore environments and artifacts.

After exploring the Story Quest together, participants will be invited to join us for a hands on writing workshop designed to encourage us to find and express our own stories of health and healing. This will be followed by further discussion around the possibilities that Story Quests offer for teaching and learning.

These workshops are set to be an exciting and enlightening experience! Please follow the instructions below to participate!

Educators Discover Story Quest

Watch this fantastic machinima to get a glimpse into our first Story Quest adventure and the magic of 'The Life and Times of Uncle D'!

From the Youtube Description: "The concept of embarking on a quest-a journey of self-discovery - is a vital part of education. In this innovative approach to experiential learning, participants delve into, interact with, and co-create stories using the immersive tools inherent in Second Life and the groundbreaking Story Quest model developed by TVWSP: "The Life and Times and Uncle D." "

How to Participate

This is a free workshop and is open to all residents. To take part simply add your name to the signup tables below. You'll need to include your contact details so that you can be added to the Story Quest sim in Second Life and their mailing list.

Please Note:

  • We can only accomodate 10 participants in each workshop. Signups will be accepted on a first come, first served basis.
  • To participate in this workshop you will need to have access to a computer which allows you to enter Second Life, and a headset and microphone so you can use voice tools. Please check the Second Life technical specifications if you are new to Second Life!
  • The workshop is an immersive, interactive and participatory experience. Please come prepared to take part in the writing workshop and discussion which will be held as part of the event!
  • We encourage you to explore the Story Quest space prior to the workshop. This will allow you extra time to discover the magical details of the environment and the Story Quest.

Need More Info?

Please feel free to contact jokay Wollongong or Jenaia Morane inworld, or email jokay!

Event Details: Workhop 1:

Please note: To signup you MUST add Your Name and Contact Details to the table below. We can only accomodate 10 participants per workshop. To edit the wiki, simply click on the 'Edit button' in the top right corner of this page.

Second Life Name

Real Life Name

Email Address *

Jass Easterman
Sue Gregory
Pionia Destiny
Bron Bloxome
Bron Stuckey
Briarmelle Quintessa
Merle Lemon
Sapphire Ceawlin
Angela Cooke
Chen Chuwen
Kris Williamson
Virtuola Scientist
Keysha Gamor
jokay Wollongong
Jo Kay
Tjmeister Megadon
Trevor Meister

Event Details: Workshop 2:

Please note: To signup you MUST add Your Name and Contact Details to the table below. We can only accomodate 10 participants per workshop. To edit the wiki, simply click on the 'Edit button' in the top right corner of this page.

Second Life Name

Real Life Name

Email Address *

Teachernz Murfin
Michael Fawcett
Indira Lytton
Donelle Batty
Barbara Maven
Barbara Jara
Morgen String
Angelina Macedo
Kim Pasternak
Kim Flintoff
Harlon Hax
Chris Yee
Geon Nasu
Georgina Nou



Please note: As part of the signup process your name will be added to the Story Quest access lists inworld so that you can acces the quest, and your email address will be added to the Story Quest mailing list.

Background Information

To find out more about the Virtual Worlds Story Project (TVWSP) visit their blog @ http://www.tvwsp.com.

For futher information you can also:

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