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The aim of our annual Unconference is to celebrate the year's discoveries and achievements and welcome SL residents both old and new to share their work... and you are invited to participate! Session could include workshops, presentations, panels or discussions and can be convened at the Islands of jokaydia or at your own location.

The unconference is designed to provide opportunities for all experience levels to participate and is an opportunity for sharing, collaboration and exploration! No idea is too big or too small.... add your proposed sessions below!

Please Note:

Unconference Day 1 / MQUNCON09 - Friday 25th September, 9am - 3pm AEST

Face to Face Unconference at Macquarie University, Sydney.

As part of Macquarie Univeristy's Learning and Teaching Week, we are excited to be able to convene a face to face event this year, as well as our inworld events! The MQUncon09 will be held from 9am - 3pm on Friday 25th September 2009 and is proudly supported by the Learning and Teaching Centre at MQ. It will include both inworld and face to face activities, and is a chance for local educational technologists, educators, lecturers, designers and policy makers to meet and have a day of informal discussions, poster presentations and hands-on activities, with live connections streamed in-world and to the web.

Keynote Session in Second Life (streamed to the University campus)

We are pleased to have a keynote discussion by Teachers Without Borders, presented by Dr Konrad Glogowski (
blog of proximal development ) at 1pm AEST. This will be relayed from Second Life into one of the presentation venues.

Please Note! This is BYOL and wifi access will be provided. For further information DM @deangroom or @jokay via Twitter! For further information visit the MQUncon09 wiki pages.

Unconference Day 1, Evening Session - Friday 25th September, 6:45pm -10pm AEST / 1:45am - 5am SLT

AEST TIME: 6:45pm

SL Time: 1:45am

Check your local time!

jokaydia Unconference Opening:

Welcome by jokay Wollongong and Unconference Team, followed by games and networking on the beach at jokaydia!

Facilitator: jokay Wollongong
Location: jokaydia Unconference Headquarters (SLurl)

SL Time: 2am

Check your local time!

Games in Learning!

Simple ways to use games and consoles in primary years.

Facilitator: slammed Aabye aka Dean Groom
jokaydia Support: jokay Wollongong
Location: jokaydia Beach (SLurl)

Make a case out of it why don't you?

How and why you should promote your project before, during and after its run.

Facilitator: Pandora Kurrajong aka KerryJ
jokaydia Support:
Location: jokaydia Meeting Hall (SLurl)

SL Time: 3am SLT

Check your local time!

Introduction to Teachers Without Borders.

Come to this session to learn more about the international nonprofit organization, Teachers Without Borders, which supports teacher leaders, worldwide, with professional development opportunities and tools that connect them with information and each other so that they may play a more vital role in their communities. Session participants will be given an overview of current TWB projects and will be invited to apply for e-mentoring opportunities in the field of teacher professional development.

Facilitator: Konrad March

jokaydia Support: jokay Wollongong
Location: Teachers Without Borders (SLurl)

SL Time: 4am

Check your local time!

jokaydia Unconference Open Discussion!

Come along and join us for informal discussions and networking with Unconference participants. Share an idea, a landmark or a project!

Facilitator: jokay Wollongong
Location: jokaydia Beach (SLurl)

Unconference Day 2 - Session 1: Saturday 26th September, 9am - 3pm AEST / Fri 4pm - 10pm SLT


SL Time: Fri 4pm

Check your local time!

Who's leading your kids into the 21st Century?

Results of research conducted with teachers in Second Life and Quest Atlantis to examine what we know about the educators who are taking virtual worlds into their K-12 classrooms. Be prepared for some real surprises when we examine who they are, how they value their own learning and what part VWs play in their professional identity.

Facilitator: Bron Stuckey (Bron Bloxome)
jokaydia Support: jokay Wollongong
Location: jokaydia Beach (SLurl)

SL Time: Fri 5pm

Check your local time!

Quest Atlantis in my classroom

I will be discussing how I implemented Quest Atlantis in my classroom and in a school club. Join me as I continue the discussion on this powerful learning tool. If there is time, I will also discuss how being a member of the Jokaydian community has impacted my life both personally and professionally...and give out some flying pigs!

Facilitator: Jeff Agamenoni (Henny Zimer)
jokaydia Support: jokay Wollongong
Location: jokaydia Beach (SLurl)


SL Time: Fri

Check your local time!

Meet the Jokaydians

Come meet the people who make up this fabulous community of practice and learn how they support each other in professional learning and practice. This session is the culmination to a case study of Jokaydia for the Community Capers research project. Information about Jokaydia will be published throughout October on the Community Capers blog starting with this chance to meet the people first hand and see how it is that this vibrant community has established itself on a global front.

Facilitator: Bron Stuckey (Bron Bloxome)
jokaydia Support: jokay Wollongong
Location: jokaydia Beach (SLurl)

Safety and security in SL: What teachers think

Tuxedo Ninetails will share the results of a survey of 75 teachers in SL she recently conducted. Come along and discuss the safety and security issues all educators working inworld need to address.

Facilitator: Tuxedo Ninetails
jokaydia Support:
Location: jokaydia Meeting Hall (SLurl)

On Twitter in Twitter

Anyone with a Twitter account is welcome to participate in this discussion about Twitter using as the venue.

TAG: #jokaytwit

SL Time: Fri 7pm

Check your local time!

SLeducation Wiki Tour

Meet at Edusquare on the Islands of jokaydia (SLurl) for a tour of some of the fantastic educational spaces included in the SLeducation Wikispace. This tour will provide a great overview of the potentials of education in virtual worlds

Facilitator: jokay Wollongong
Starting Point for the Tour: EduSquare on the Islands of jokaydia (SLurl)

SL Time: Fri 8pm

Check your local time!

Where the Wild Things Are! Are Virtual World Really That Fierce or Where Are All The Educators?

A roundtable discussion lead by Michigan Paule.

Facilitator: Michigan Paule
jokaydia Support:
Location: jokaydia Meeting Hall (SLurl)

Quest Atlantis Virtual World Game for KIDS (9-15 yrs)

Come along and have a guided tour of the Quest Atlantis virtual world. Come see where curriculum, gaming and social values meet in a project sponsored by Indiana University's Centre for Research in Learning Technology. This program is offered free to teachers and schools about the globe and is already implemented in many USA, Australian and NZ (and 15 other countries) schools already. Maybe your school could be the next?

PLEASE NOTE: Educators wishing to take this tour will need to register and create an account at: Jokaydia Unconference QA Tour Registration Code: 121597

Email Bron Stuckey (Bron Bloxsome in SL) for further information.

SL Time: Fri 9pm

Check your local time!

DEBATE: Bricks and mortar libraries - who needs them?

Pick a side and join in a debate on whether bricks and mortar libraries are still relevant in a 21st century world. KerryJ is organising this but everyone who participates is going to take a side.

Facilitator: Pandora Kurrajong aka Kerryj
jokaydia Support: jokay Wollongong
Location: jokaydia Beach (SLurl)

Unconference Day 2 - Session 2: Saturday 26th September, 11pm - 3am AEST / 6am - 9am SLT


SL Time: 6am

Check your local time!

Leaping into 3d - transforming an adult training program

Treaching over 1,000 engineers and managers face to face in one year involved a lot of travel. A strained economy took the airplanes away, making distance learning a necessity. But 3d virtual worlds are not just a mere substitute for proximity. They can offer an immersive learning experience that is more compelling and memorable than their flat counterparts. But what does it take to convert a 2d program to 3d? When have we crossed the line and confused students with too many bells and whistles? Come listen to AgileBill share experiences bringing IBM training to 3 online universities.

Facilitator: AgileBill Firehawk
jokaydia Support: jokay Wollongong
Location: jokaydia Beach (SLurl)
AEST TIME: Sun 12am

SL Time: 7amT

Check your local time!

Assessment and Evaluation in the 21st-Century Classroom

The goal of this session is to facilitate a series of conversations about the role of the teacher in the new, participatory, and student-centred spaces of Classroom 2.0. Specifically, the session aims to address the development of assessment and evaluation tools and mechanisms that complement the interactive and learner-centric environments afforded by the read/write web.

Konrad will share examples of assessment and development tools and mechanisms developed to support project-based learning, student blogging, and student use of wikis and other online technologies. Specific rubrics and samples of student work will be shared during this session.

Session contact: Konrad March
jokaydia Support:
Location: jokaydia Meeting Hall (SLurl)

Unconference Day 3 - Session 1: Sunday 27th September 2009, 12pm - 6pm AEST / Sat 9pm - 1am SLT

AEST Time: 1pm

SL Time: Sat 8pm

Check your local time!

Running a Closed Estate for our High School - our journey

We established the island start 2009. We recruited student leaders and builders and established a culture. Students built the island. Now teachers use the environment for a range of structured learning activities.

celebrate through a student-run art gallery, radio station, and book store.
I'll go through the process we followed, but will focus on practical teaching ideas and questions from participants. Will try to have one or more students available on the audio channel. See video available here:

Facilitator: steve_collis
Northern Beaches Christian School, Sydney

jokaydia Support: jokay Wollongong
Location: jokaydia Beach (SLurl)

Tour and Explanation of Maslow's Hierarchical Hideaway

This simulation is designed to represent Maslow's hierarchy by beginning at the lowest level, Physiological Needs, and then traveling up to the highest level of Self-Actualization. It is best experienced by walking along the trail. With each of Maslow's levels, the level of the displays gets higher and the natural growth becomes more evolved . . . beginning with primitive grasses and ending with the Redwood trees. Most of the signs and major objects include more information, links, urls, and landmarks to facilitate interaction, play, and self-actualization. Blog @
Facilitator: Jackie Rexen
jokaydia Support:
Location: Maslow's Hierarchical Hideaway (SLurl)

AEST Time: 2pm

SL Time: Sat 9pm

Check your local time!

University Education Students Learning in Second Life

Come and join Jass Easterman and students from the University of New England to discover how they are using Second Life in order to complete an assessment task in IT Education units during their studies.

Facilitator: Sue Gregory (aka Jass Easterman)
jokaydia Support: jokay Wollongong
Location: jokaydia Beach (SLurl)

Stories Without Borders: The life and times of Uncle D

Share the magic as participants in the new Virtual Worlds Story Project quest, "Stories Without Borders: The Life and Times of Uncle D" embark on a journey of discovery and learn how one person's story can change your life -forever.

Facilitator: Jenaia Morane
jokaydia Support:
Location: jokaydia Meeting Hall (SLurl)
AEST Time: 3pm

SL Time: Sat 10pm

Check your local time!

For the Horde!: Auction Houses to Financial Statements World of Warcraft Style

Join us for a discussion on how we utilized World of Warcraft in Accounting classes to teach principles of accounting. Virtual World economies provide a great asset for student application of class concepts in a novel environment. We will discuss lessons learned and share student feedback on our projects as well as anticipated future applications.

Facilitators: Kavon Zenovka; Abacus Capalini
jokaydia Support:
Location: jokaydia Meeting Hall (SLurl)
AEST Time: 4pm

SL Time: Sat 11pm

Check your local time!

SLENZ (Second Life Education in New Zealand)

Come and see what the Kiwis are doing on the island of Kowhai. Explore the two projects currently being piloted with students: midwifery and foundation (bridging education). Meet the educators and builders who are part of the SLENZ team. Share some of the experiences and lessons learned.

Facilitator: Briarmelle Quintessa
jokaydia Support: jokay Wollongong
Location: Kowhai (SLurl)
AEST Time: 5pm

SL Time: 12am

Check your local time!

World of Warcraft Adventure!

Join the jokaydians for a visit to one of the other spaces we sometimes reside! Join the Alliance and find out more about gaming and education.

Note: This event requires you to prepare by downloading software and setting up on the correct realm. For further info see the WoW Adventure Wikipage and register your intetion to attend!

Session Contact: jokay Wollongong
AEST Time: 6pm

SL Time: 1am

Check your local time!

Virtual Art Gathering Spaces

Resident Jokaydian Artist (Al Lurton aka Al Upton) invites you to experience his interactive sculptures and gathering/meeting spaces. Al will be around to demonstrate, answer questions, lead discussion, take guided tours, chat, play games, dance ... whatever direction this event takes us. It is an unconference after all :) Includes the huge Futures Installation.
A great way to lead up to the closing party.

Facilitator: Al Lurton
jokaydia Support: jokay Wollongong
Location: Futures Installation, jokaydia II (SLurl)

Closing Party!

8pm AEST / 3am SLT
Check your local time!
jokaydia Unconference 09 Closing Party
Join us on the beach to celebrate the unconference and all the participants who have shared their expertise. Dancing and games on the beach!

Session Contact: jokay Wollongong
Location: jokaydia Beach (SLurl)