jokaydia Unconference 2009 - Suggestions and Discussions Page

This page has been created to provide a space for discussion and collaboration of both Unconference Unorganisers and Unconference participants! You are welcome to share your ideas and suggestions below.... help us make the jokaydia Unconference relevent and effective for a broad range of participants! Some topic headings have been included below:

Suggested Locations to Visit:
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Suggested Speakers/Presenters/Facilitators to Invite:
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Suggested Activities and Events
  • How to stream your desktop live into SL, especially for those of us who teach a discipline like science and math, with special notation, who have a Tablet PC and want to answer student questions with "digital ink." Any way to do this?

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If you would like to start a more detailed discussion, you can also use the jokaydia Wikispace discussion forum. Click here to read the latest messages!

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