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jokaydia's Annual Unconference Weekend will be happening from Friday 25th September - Sunday 27th September 2009 on the Islands of jokaydia in Second Life!


Check out the latest news:

About the jokaydia Unconference!

The jokaydia Unconference is a free event which provides professional development and networking opportunities for educators and facilitators who are exploring innovative strategies, spaces and technologies for learning. It is a self-organising event which is supported by the Islands of jokaydia Community of Practice.

The aim of our annual Unconference is to celebrate the year's discoveries and achievements and welcome SL residents both old and new to share their work... and you are invited to participate! Propose a presentation, workshop, roleplay, game or panel session.

To get involved you can:

Ideas for sessions could include:

  • Give a presentation on recent virtual worlds project or initiative
  • Run a workshop which demonstrates a tool or strategy you're using
  • Lead a discussion on a hot topic or convene a panel session
  • Teach a building or scripting class and share your virtual worlds skills
  • Create a roleplay or immersive activity for participants to visit during the unconference
  • Run a newbie event for new resident
  • Create an exhibit or display to share at the unconference

Face to Face Event @ Macquarie University!

This year we are excited to be able to collaborate with the Learning and Teaching Centre at Macquarie University to enable a face to face event. This will be held on Friday 25th September from 9am - 3pm AEST and is a free event! For more information or to get involved click here.

jokaydia Unconference 09 Headquarters Inworld!

The Unconference Headquarters has already been established and is located near the beach on jokaydia II! Here you will find updates and information about the event, a suggestion box and draft schedule and various other resources. This space can also be used by teams and groups who are planning for the event as a meeting space; and will be used as the main coordination point during the event.

You can visit the jokaydia Unconference 09 Headquarters inworld on the Islands of jokaydia! (SLurl)

Twittering the Event

As well as inworld group tools, the jokaydia blog and our facebook channels, we will be using Twitter to share the jokaydia Unconference. When tweeting, please use the #hashtag 'jokaydiaunconf09'.

To keep up to date simply follow @jokay.

Tagging for the Event!

We encourage you to publish blog posts, images, videos and other web-based content during all stages of this event. Please use the tag 'jokaydia09' or 'jokaydiaunconf09' when publishing your work so we can find your contributions!

Help Promote the Event!

Help us promote the jokaydia Unconference 09 by sharing it with your network! Below are 4 images/logos which you are welcome to add to your own website or blog, SL location or social networking site. Dont forget to include a link back to this page so that others can particpate in the event! (eg.

Logo 1


Logo 1 - Small version!


Logo 2


Logo 3


Logo 4